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Zaev: Agreements with Bulgaria and Greece are continuation of Ohrid Framework Agreement

Participants in the Road to Brussels via Ohrid debate, marking the 17th anniversary since the signing of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, concurred that the significance of the accord lies in the fact that it has set an example of conflict settlement in the region and beyond, that it has laid the foundation for a democratic and multi-ethnic society and expressed their hopes that the citizens in the Sept. 30 referendum will choose the European path for their country.

Government representatives, Parliament officials, diplomats and mayors attended the panel on Monday, organized by the Secretariat for European Affairs.

Speaking at the panel, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev paid his respects to the politicians who 17 years ago had managed to conclude a deal after long and exhausting negotiations and to put an end to the 2001 conflict.

According to him, the Ohrid Framework Agreement is a guarantee that violence won’t be used as a mechanism to fulfill political goals, or any other goals, and a foundation to establish cohabitation between the different ethnic communities living in the country.

“Today, we are building Macedonia as one society and one family for all,” Zaev stated adding that in one single year after the formation of a new government, Macedonia from an isolated country has become open towards the neighbors and has heightened its efforts to become part of the EU and NATO.

In this context, he mentioned the friendship treaty, signed by Macedonia and Bulgaria a year ago, and the historic deal settling the name dispute with Greece, noting it guaranteed the Macedonian identity.

“As Macedonia was saved from a crisis by the courage of our citizens and our politicians 17 years ago, today we are being given the chance to be courageous and to make the right decision in order to secure our future and the future of our children. I know that on Sept. 30 with our heads held high we will embark on a journey towards the bright future of Macedonia. I am confident that we will choose a European Macedonia,” stressed PM Zaev.