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Zaev and the Government continue to put pressure on Republika – the Prime Minister refutes editorial view and threatens with lawsuit

Government services have sent a refutation request signed personally by the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to Republika’s office.

We professionally publish the refutation request even though Republika’s article does not intend to offend anyone personally or harm anyone’s reputation. It is an editorial view on the agreement with Greece, which the people mentioned in the article as representatives of the current government signed during the weekend. We think that this is in line with the right to public expression and freedom of the media. Criticism and a different opinion about the Government’s move do not mean personal insult and humiliation.

Since the article presents a subjective assessment of the particular event and no claims or information whose truthfulness or untruthfulness can be proved or refuted by facts, we consider this request as another pressure on journalism and on freedom of expression, but also specifically on us, as a growing medium, on which SDSM has been exerting political pressure for years for due to the divergence in views.

The refutation request refers to a sentence from the article “Zaev, Sekerinska and Dimitrov – modern domestic andartes“, published on Republika’s website on June 16, 2018, at 12:00h.

“With the agreement, Zaev, Sekerinska and Dimitrov justified Germanos Karavangelis, in whose office as trophies were placed severed heads of Macedonian activists. “

The request has been published on the website of Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and it has been also shared on its Facebook page.

Republika will not withdraw the article, much less apologize to the Prime Minister, as it did not succumb to the continued pressure of SDSM and the government and did not allow blackmail and threats from the government to create the views and the editorial policies of our medium. We encourage the Prime Minister to act according to the laws and his own conviction.

We want to remind the Prime Minister of a statement made by Deputy Prime Minister Radmila Sekerinska, who said that it is very important for the government to stop using the instrument of defamation lawsuit for pressuring journalists. Also, if he has forgotten, journalists have not forgotten that Zoran Zaev’s biggest political enemy is – the media.