Sunday, 16 December 2018 | News today: 2

Zaev claims Crvenkovski is lying, Pendarovski says both Zoran and Branko are lying

Chaos in SDSM

A few days before the party congress a chaos rules the biggest Macedonian opposition party. After Crvenkovski requested Zaev’s resignation as party president and suggested appointing Pendarovski in an interview with “Deutsche Welle”, SDSM party leader, Zoran Zaev, stated Pendarovski has informed him he has no pretensions for party positions, even less for SDSM’s presidential position.

“Pendarovski has informed me that Crvenkovski had a discussion with him, but he has presented his stance to him as well. Crvenkovski ought to explain to the public why he  stated he has not met Pendarovski at all. I believe Pendarovski is going to present his stance to the public himself”, Zaev said.


Pendarovski’s statement was not long due. He blamed both Zaev and Crvenkovski for using lies and denies to have conducted any talks with any of them.

“Since I do not hold any party position, I would like to stay away from all events on SDSM’s Congress on 11 May. Therefore, I request my name to be exempted of any internal party calculations”, Pendarovski said.