Tuesday, 20 November 2018 | News today: 22

Zaev: Draft-amendments together with opposition

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Sunday that the draft-constitutional amendments will be developed together with the opposition, in less than 15 days.

PM Zaev said that during the public debate he promised MPs to have an inclusive process, where the Government will come to the Parliament with a proposal of the amendments in compliance with the Prespa Agreement and then sit own with the ruling and opposition parties and draft the amendments together.

“I believe we can do this in less than 15 days so that we shorten the procedure as much as we can. I believe we can harmonize and expect the majority to gradually rise in the following stages. As the procedure goes on, we will see there is nothing painful or hidden in these amendments, and that they will unify us and guarantee the country’s future,” said Zaev.

Asked if the requirements by the opposition MPs who voted in favor of the decision to initiate the constitutional revision were acceptable, the PM said he carefully read the four points they put forward.

“One is to confirm the Macedonian identity, the second is the implementation, which is already stipulated in the agreement. I believe they want a clear wording that the connection between our membership and the internal use. Namely, a complete change of the name, i.e. addition of the qualifier for full use within Macedonia to occur as the country becomes full-fledged member of EU,” explained Zaev.

According to him, the next point refers to safeguards if Greece fails to ratify the agreement or puts obstacles to Macedonia’s integration process, namely that the constitutional revision is invalid.

Finally, the opposition MPs who voted for the constitutional revision reaffirm the call for reconciliation.

“I believe this number of MPs will be much bigger. I am not saying this by coincidence, because many more MPs want to join. I once again send the message for an inclusive process that goes beyond our political affiliation. Let’s sit together, define the constitutional amendments, and ensure the security, stability and economic growth of our Macedonia,” said Zaev.