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Zaev expects all EU member states to give green light for start of EU accession talks


PM Zoran Zaev expressed his expectations Friday that Macedonia will get date for opening EU accession negotiations next week. He hopes that the steps taken by the country will convince all those who still have expressed certain reservations for EU enlargement.

“I hope that all our friends in the EU, not a single EU member state will remain indifferent to European manners that Macedonia demonstrates which is needed for the entire Balkans, for the South East Europe and for the entire Europe. Europe is foundation of values, of possible European solutions and I believe that our country although small one can give a positive lesson through European behavior and building friendship,” Zaev told reporters asked about France’s restrained behavior for setting a date for opening EU’s accession negotiations with Macedonia on Friday at the launch of construction works of expressway Rankovce – Kriva Palanka.

I am informed that the Dutch Parliament passed positive decision for our country on Thursday. I hope that this will happen in the future also for Albania, because they also worked very much as a country. As far as our country is concerned, I hope that France and other countries, although they expressed reservations, will make the breakthrough, because the reforms can be done in parallel while Macedonia is negotiating for membership, Zaev said, expressing hopes that the heart of French President Macron will soften and I understand the internal debates that are being opened in France, but France is our great friend. If Germany, France, Britain, Italy and other countries go forward, then Europe will move forward, and the motivation of our citizens will be even greater, Zaev added.

He said that he expects a positive decision, which at the very least will define a confirmed recommendation for starting negotiations, start of the screening of the entire process.

“I am optimistic, I know that Europe will not miss to encourage and support Macedonia and all its citizens for everything we do for our better mutual living,” Zaev added.