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Zaev offends the Greeks again

Just days before the referendum on the Prespa Agreement, the Skopje Prime Minister wrote on Facebook:

“We are Macedonians, with our own territory and Macedonian language, history, culture and heritage of Macedonia,” Zoran Zaev wrote addressing the citizens in connection with the September 30 referendum on the Prespa Agreement.

Zaev, the Greek media say, once more referred to “European Macedonia”, and not to North Macedonia, as provided for in the Prespa Agreement, and added that “with the agreement we have protected our Macedonian identity”.

This is the fifth time Zaev to “cancel” the Prespa Agreement and the commitment of “North Macedonia”, despite the inconveniences created in Greece despite (the warm) recommendations sent by Alexis Tsipras from Thessaloniki International Fair, writes news portal In. gr.