Friday, 17 August 2018 | News today: 11

Zaev: Republic of North Macedonia for all uses, regulated with amendment to the Constitution

We have a historic, long-term solution. We are building a friendship between the two countries, which has never been greater. We are resolving two and a half decades old dispute to pull our country out of the isolation that dragged the country down, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said at a press conference on Tuesday.

“We dared and we moved forward. No more FYROM, we are solving a centuries-old issue. Our gain is priceless. Republic of North Macedonia used both internationally and bilaterally, which will be further regulated in line with an amendment to the Constitution,” said Zaev.

The agreement guarantees that a referendum will be held in the autumn, Zaev said.

Under the agreement, the Macedonian language will be affirmed in the United Nations – македонски, Macedonian, without a footnote. Also, its people will be known as Macedonians/citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Government will review the agreement at a session on Thursday, while a meeting between Zaev and Tsipras is to take place over the weekend or the days after, with the location of the signing event still not confirmed.

Following the ratification, Greece will send a letter to the NATO Secretary-General, notifying him that the two countries have no bilateral dispute that would prevent Macedonia from getting a membership invitation.

In addition, Greece will also send a letter to the European Council President recommending a date for the start of the EU accession talks.

“We strongly believe that the European Council will take a decision for the start of Macedonia’s accession talks on June 28. We strongly believe that Macedonia will get an invitation to join NATO at the July 12 summit in Brussels as its 30. member,” stressed Zaev.

He said the solution is the right one, while citizens will have the final say at a referendum this fall.

“After our citizens confirm this historic agreement, Greece will ratify the deal in the parliament by the end of the year, alongside the protocol over our NATO accession,” underlined PM Zaev.