Monday, 17 December 2018 | News today: 12

Zaev: The celebration will cost as much as two theater plays


The celebration which will take place tomorrow in several cities in the country to mark the presentation of the NATO membership invitation to Macedonia aims to observe the decades-long aspiration of Macedonia, according to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

The celebration, Zaev said, is organized by a decision of the government whose concept introduces decentralization, versatile and quality music in many cities.

“All costs, stages, equipment, sound, light, fees for the artists, etc, will be covered with funds from the budget,” the PM said answering journalist questions on Friday adding that the exact amount would be revealed once ‘all details are collected from all those involved in organizing the celebration.’

In fact, the whole program, according to Zaev, will cost as much as two state-funded theater plays.

Also, PM Zaev called on the opposition to ‘stop spreading hate amongst the democratic majority in Macedonia.’

Speaking to members of the media, Zaev said the debate regarding the referendum and all related issues should begin by the end of July.

“We need to first complete the State Election Commission, which does not and should not have any connection to the referendum. This is a logical procedure following the resignation of the SEC members,” PM Zaev told reporters.

Discussions in the coming period will focus on the referendum date, the referendum question, its character.

“Citizens have the right and should have their say,” said Zaev and added this referendum has a historic significance, because it definers the country’s future.

Asked about the required two-third majority for the constitutional revision, he said this was not the goal of the ruling majority.

“I believe the Parliament should approve the decision by 120 votes if the citizens’ will is positive at the referendum,” stressed Zaev.