Thursday, 13 December 2018 | News today: 25

Zaev: There is no EU and NATO without the Prespa Agreement

Citizens who decided to take part at the referendum have given a clear roadmap for Macedonia. Now institutions take over. The Government launched the initiative for constitutional revision and filed it to the Parliament. I expect the Committee on Constitutional Issues to open a debate by tomorrow, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday.

“We need to differentiate two directions both in the ruling and opposition structures – progressive and regressive. The perception that there is no EU and NATO integration without the Prespa Agreement has been finally confirmed. We need to rise before the responsibility of the time we live in. The responsibility for the country and its citizens is the most important aspect, then come our ratings and whether we are win elections. Therefore, I have a lot of faith that the progressive element will prevail in our Parliament, even on such a sensitive issue,” PM Zaev told debate “Bridges or Walls? Macedonia and the Western Balkans in Europe” within the Civil Society Forum Skopje 2018.

He voiced optimism ahead of the parliamentary debate over a positive outcome of the process.