Monday, 12 November 2018 | News today: 28

Zaev: We made huge steps for the name

It’s good that we made steps, and they are huge. I hope that for what is left for the end, and it is very serious and important, a solution that respects the dignity of the two countries and the identity of the citizens will be found, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said ahead of Saturday’s new round of name talks in Athens.

Zaev stressed that the Government remains committed to the process as the most responsible entity, but expects support from the opposition.

As for the opposition’s remarks that it was not informed about the course of negotiations with Greece, the Prime Minister said it was the job of the opposition to be critically oriented.

We have been demanding leaders’ meeting several times, we want to brie, but it is avoided. I use every possible opportunity to inform. You know that at the last meeting in Vienna there were no major steps out. The opposition knows it, and I believe the citizens know where we are, said Zaev answering journalist questions.

He informed what he was told by the opposition at the last meeting, that the government should run the process, and the opposition to be informed when there is a solution.

I want the Macedonian opposition and the government to come together on this sensitive issue. I believe that we all expect to guarantee a good future for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, and that is why we have to find a wise solution that will be supported by all the leaders of the country, Zaev said.