Wednesday, 19 September 2018 | News today: 19

Zahariev: Subsidized public transport to be introduced in Stip


The mayor of Stip and VMRO-DPMNE candidate for the same position, Ilcho Zahariev announced introduction of public transport, which will be a kind of public-private partnership, with the local self-government subsidizing part of the ticket.

The organization of public transport in the city and the suburbs is an important project for the municipality, because this is a big problem for the population in the Ovche Pole region, towards the neighboring municipality of Karbinci and in Lakvichko. The organization will be made in such a way that the local self-government subventions 50% of the bus ticket. We already have interested companies for this. We will have daily transport from Tri Cesmi, from Chardaklija daily, as well as from Star Karaorman, and we will connect the municipality of Karbinci with daily transport from Tarinci and Karbinci. We will also connect the settlements of the city, Babi, Senjak, Avtokomanda with the center of Stip, in the area of Lakavichko there will be daily transport to the villages, and for the Ovche Pole region, Vrsakovo and Krivi Dol we will organize transportation on weekends. I think that this will help pupils and students and pensioners, he said.