Thursday, 27 June 2019
Macedonia 27.06.19 | 23:00

Chinese tourist found dead in Tsar Samoil’s fortress in Ohrid

A tourist from China was found dead at Tsar Samoil’s fortress in Ohrid today. The body of the man, who has not yet been identified, was found by another tourist.

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 22:46

Mickoski opposed to publicly funded sex change operations

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski criticized the announcement from the Healthcare Ministry that sex change operations will be funded by the public healthcare insurance fund. While citizens are crying out because of the poor quality of public healtcare, where the price is often paid in human lives,...

Economy 27.06.19 | 22:21

Government is silent when asked about the actual impact of its ministers tasked with attracting foreign investments

Following the exceptionally low inflow of foreign direct investments, PressingTV asked the Government for details about its ministers who are tasked with courting foreign companies to open manufacturing plants in Macedonia. There was no response and their websites are left empty, without a list of their...

Economy 27.06.19 | 21:46

Only one household paid property tax in the whole of Aracinovo

Discussing the dire conditions of municipal budgets, the Mayor of Veles Ace Kocevski made a shocking revelation – that the municipality of Aracinovo collected a total of 970 denars in property taxes. The sum amounts to 15 EUR and would be equivalent to a single payment. Kocevski initially said...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 21:36

VMRO representatives say Zaev left his most corrupt ministers in the Government

Zoran Zaev’s mini purge of the Government caused a second day of feisty debates in the Parliament, as Zaev and opposition representatives discussed the merits of the proposed candidates and of the Government’s policies. All the key ministers involved in scandals with public procurement are...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 20:03

Grubi calls Sela a coward for getting beaten up

In an unruly debate in the Parliament, Artan Grubi from the DUI party called the opposition Albanian leader Ziadin Sela “a coward” for being beaten up during the 2017 incident. Sela sustained serious injuries in the incident which the SDSM and DUI parties sparked in the Parliament, when they...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 19:38

Prosecutors say they ordered a forensics investigation into the shocking torture tape involving an SDSM Mayor

Prosecutors detailed their activities undertaken so far in the shocking torture investigation against Kurto Dudus, the Mayor of Shuto Orizari. The leading SDSM party Roma official was recorded beating up an employee of the municipal service who was allegedly badmouthing him. At times, during the audio...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 17:22

GRECO President says Macedonia must free its police from political influence

In an interview with the Macedonian Information Agency, Marin Mrcela, the head of the GRECO anti-corruption group in the Council of Europe repeated the serious criticism the organization raised over Macedonia. Mrcela warns that there is no way of telling where the ruling party ends and where the police...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 16:58

Elderly man in Tetovo arrested after injuring a noisy child with a BB gun

Tetovo police arrested a 76 year old man who fired from a BB gun at children who were playing noisily outside. A projectile hit a minor, who was injured, the police said. The incident happened late in the evening, when the man wanted to get some rest.

News 27.06.19 | 16:50

Girl drowns in a pool near Skopje, her father is also hospitalized

A five year old girl drowned at a pool in a resort near Skopje this morning, and her father was also admitted in seriously poor health due to the shock he sustained. The incident happened early this morning, when the girl apparently accidentally fell into the pool in the area of Zlokukani. She was sent...

Culture 27.06.19 | 15:56

MANU’s areal linguistic research center hosts workshop on dialects, descriptive grammar

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts’ areal linguistics research center is hosting a linguistic workshop in Ohrid on June 27 to 29. The workshop will examine methods used in compiling dialect atlases, the theory, and methodology behind dialectology, recent developments in Macedonian dialects,...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 15:41

MP Arta Toci from the Alliance for Albanians to assume Memedi’s post in Parliament

Arta Toci from the Alliance for Albanians will be the new deputy in the Parliament after on Wednesday Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP Vesel Memedi submitted his resignation to the Office of the Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi. The Alliance for Albanians and Vesel Memedi’s NDP in the last...

Life 27.06.19 | 15:19

UN: Home can be most dangerous place for women

One of the most dangerous places for women is in their own home, the UN’s agency for gender equality said in a report released on Tuesday. UN Women urged nations to make legislative moves to protect women under law from violence in its flagship report, “Progress of the World’s Women.” “The...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 15:06

1TV: The account is not blocked

The management of 1TV claims that the account of the TV station is active, although the Public Revenue Office confirmed that the account was blocked. Regarding the tendentious information published in certain media that 1TV’s account has been blocked, the management of the TV station informs the...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 14:49

Grubi: Memedi was offered the ministerial post of Sapuric

DUI deputy Artan Grubi has called on NDP leader Vesel Memedi to consider changing his decision to leave the parliamentary majority and the government coalition over the decision of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to take away the ministry of local self-government from him and give it to Goran Milevski from...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 14:22

Standard procedure after the racketeering government in Macedonia demanded my extradition

Today a standard procedure was carried out in the institutions in Hungary after the criminal and racketeering government in Macedonia filed an extradition request. The court reviewed the request for extradition and decided not to accept it, former PM and honorary president of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 13:40

Ginova: Dear lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, in the past the darkest period of homophobia ruled, look where we are now

NGOs fighting to improve the rights of the LGBT community are satisfied with the attitude of the government towards them, unlike several years ago which, according to them, was the darkest period of homophobia. Dear lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, this conference is a historic moment. The association of...

Economy 27.06.19 | 13:16

PRO confirmes: 1TV’s account blocked

PRO confirmed that the account of the legal entity 1TV Dooel Skopje was blocked. PRO told “Sloboden pecat” that regarding the reasons for blocking the account, “in accordance with the Law on Tax Procedure, the PRO is obligated to keep all documents, information, data or other facts...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 12:56

Hungarian court rejects extradition of Nikola Gruevski

A court in Hungary on Thursday refused to extradite Nikola Gruevski. Former Macedonian Prime Minister will be released. According to the judge in charge of the case, the conditions for extradition are not valid. Macedonia demanded his extradition to start serving his two-year prison sentence over...

Macedonia 27.06.19 | 12:45

Police looking into the records of El Cheka’s brother

Police are looking into the records of El Cheka’s brother, Blerim Ahmeti. Blerim Ahmeti organized the protests that took place several days ago in Tetovo, Alsat reported. The police confirm that El Cheka’s brother, Blerim Ahmeti, is suspected of committing three crimes. 29-year-old Ahmeti...