Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Macedonia 21.08.19 | 21:58

Vilma allows Katica to attend her mother’s funeral

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva was ordered 30-day detention as a third suspect in the Racket case, in addition to Bojan Jovanovski-Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski-Kiceec. She immediately goes to the Sutka prison, where she will spend the first night of her imprisonment, but leaves for her hometown of Gevgelija...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 21:45

LIVE STREAM: Janeva taken to prison

Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva will be transported to the prison, where she will be held in the next 30 days. There is a strong police presence in front of the Sutka prison, and reporters are waiting for the arrival of the SPO chief.

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 21:40

Ruskoska: I gave my colleague a chance, but I didn’t question her as a witness

I do not know what my colleague told you, but I know how I have called her – as a person from whom necessary reports are being collected, prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska told reporters after special prosecutor Katica Janeva’s questioning at the Criminal Court. The prosecutor said she had given...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 21:32

Katica’s furniture was not paid, only deposit left by 1TV person

The furniture that the suspect Bojan Jovanovskigiven gave to Katica Janeva was allegedly not paid in the furniture store where it was purchased, Deutsche Welle reports citing sources in the investigation. According to their information, after the intervention of the store, a person from 1TV brought in...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 21:14

Katica Janeva goes to Sutka prison

After several hours of questioning, the Criminal Court has ordered a 30-day detention for Katica Janeva as a third suspect in the “Racket” case. She has the right to appeal through her lawyers to the criminal council. The Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution of organized crime and corruption...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 20:51

DUI requires comprehensive investigation into everyone involved in the Racket case

DUI is seeking an immediate, detailed, quick, transparent and comprehensive investigation of all involved in the Racket case, and there must be accountability, MP Artan Grubi said. The right solution to this case is a test of the maturity of our democracy and system. Our authentic policy of full, absolute...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 19:58

Janeva’s furniture from Kamcev was bugged?

The exclusive furniture for Katica Janeva’s home, a gift from a close relative of businessman Orce Kamcev, arrived with accessories – a spy device, sources in the investigation claim. Unofficially, the device was hidden in the couches and the armchairs, which the Special Prosecutor received...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 19:43

Why did Zaev decide to replace Janeva’s comfortable sofa from Kamcev with hardwood benches in Sutka

The fatal love between Zoran Zaev and Katica Janeva ends fatally. After today’s events, it is more than certain that the capable Katica will end up behind bars in the miserable conditions of the Sutka Prison. And just a few months ago the optimist, the leader of the ruling SDSM and Prime Minister,...

News 21.08.19 | 18:29

Police take Katica Janeva to Criminal Court

SPO’s chief prosecutor Katica Janeva left her home in Kozle under police escort and is taken to the Skopje-based Criminal Court to appear before a pre-trial judge, who should decide on the prosecutor’s request for detention.

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:58

Government: We will to continue the fight against crime in all its forms

Government spokesperson, Muhammed Hoxha, said at a news conference in the government that they support the work of the SPO, as well as all other institutions in the fight against crime. Hoxha said at a news conference that the government will continue to strive to combat all forms of crime and corruption...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:45

Janeva’s mother passes away, but it will not affect the Prosecution’s request for her detention

The mother of special prosecutor Katica Janeva passed away this morning in Gevgelija. Answering a journalist’s question at a press conference, prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska indicated it would not affect their request for the prosecutor’s detention, Sloboden pecat reported. Katica Janeva was arrested...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:36

Arsovski: Public Prosecution’s statement that Janeva took only small portion of € 8m is scandalous

The career of Zoran Zaev’s first person, Katica Janeva, is ending, according to VMRO-DPMNE. Her arrest should have taken place on the first day. She is just one link in the chain. The public prosecutor’s statement is scandalous that out of the € 8m, she took only a small portion. That statement...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:28

Everyone is waiting for her in court, but Katica returns home

While everyone is waiting for Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to be brought to the Criminal Court, but she has been returned to her home in Kozle with police escort. After her computer at the SPO was seized, police returned her to her Kozle home. The BPPO had earlier announced that it would seek 30...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:16

Ruskoska: Janeva’s computer seized, Gevgelija home searched

Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s office computer has been seized, prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska confirmed at Wednesday’s press conference. Ruskoska emphasized that a search is currently being conducted in her family home in Gevgelija. Asked whether there is an investigation into Janeva’s...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:09

Public Prosecuion requests 30-day detention for Katica Janeva

The Public Prosecution Office requests 30-day detention for SPO’s chief prosecutor Katica Janeva on suspicion of abuse of office in connection to the Racket case. Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski said there are grounds, on the basis of collected evidence...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 15:05

BPPO: One of the “Racket” suspects purchased 298,000 MKD furniture for Janeva

The Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime has submitted a proposal to the court for the detention of the Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva for involvement in the “Racket” case in which so far Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski Kiceec are suspects. As the BPPO said at...

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 14:16

LIVE: PPO’s press conference after Janeva’s arrest

After special prosecutor Katica Janeva was detained less than an hour ago, prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Corruption and Organized Crime, Vilma Ruskoska and Ljubomir Joveski are addressing the public.

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 14:11

Police search Janeva’s SPO office and Gevgelija home

SPO chief prosecutor Katica Janeva with a police escort has been transported to the SPO offices after being detained in her home in Skopje, where police are conducting a search of the premises in her presence. Police officers are also conducting a search in her home in Gevgelija.  

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 14:04

Beside Janeva, two politicians arrested as well

According to Alsat, in addition to Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, two politicians have been detained today in connection with the Racket case. Their names have not been revealed yet, but the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced a press conference for 14h.

Macedonia 21.08.19 | 14:00

Police to search Katica Janeva’s office following her arrest

Police arrested Wednesday Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva acting on an arrest warrant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Police officers had previously searched Janeva’s home in Skopje. According to MIA information, the next location where the police will search is Janeva’s...