Saturday, 19 October 2019
Macedonia 19.10.19 | 22:52

Leaders’ meeting scheduled for 17 h on Sunday

The leaders of the political parties will meet with President Stevo Pendarovski at 17h on Sunday. The initiative for the leaders’ meeting came after the latest information about not getting a date for start of accession negotiations with the European Union. The meeting will be attended by the...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 22:42

Gashi also called for early elections as soon as possible

After a negative decision on the country’s EU accession negotiations, the political party Alternative also called for early elections as soon as possible, which, according to leader Afrim Gashi, would confirm the position of the citizens about their desired representatives. The final decision on...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 22:37

Ahmeti says elections are the best solution after not getting a date to start negotiations

DUI leader Ali Ahmeti has said his party is ready for early elections, Alsat reported. Ahmeti sees the elections as the best solution, after failing to get a date for the start of negotiations. Ahmeti reiterated his request for vetting in all structures.

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 19:23

Zaev has never won a parliamentary election, and this time he will be heavily defeated

Antonio Milososki wrote on Facebook about the announced early parliamentary elections and the departure of the current government. Zaev is leaving, these are his last weeks / months in the Prime Minister’s chair. Raskovski, Kiki and Friki, Kurto Dudus, the Filipce and Den Doncev tandem, inspector...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 18:54

Mickoski: We need to form interim government, interim prime minister and go to early parliamentary elections

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski expects that party leaders will agree on calling a snap election during their meeting at the presidential residence on Sunday. Mickoski highlighted he wouldn’t accept any early elections without an interim government, i.e., nothing outside the legal framework. “The...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 16:31

Mickoski in Gostivar: Enough with demagogy, we will offer new beginning and new successes for Macedonia

Hristijan Mickoski, leader of VMRO-DPMNE said Saturday in Gostivar that people had enough of demagogy and that they need politicians who will work hard. I was in Gostivar. Enough with political compromises, enough with political pamphlets. This people is tired of politics. This nation needs politicians...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 15:59

Przino government without Zaev as prime minister ahead of early elections

As the law stipulates, we will respect that. I am the one who sought Przino government and it is written in the law. The reason is that all participants in the election process have confidence in the process. It is stipulated in the law and we will respect it, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev responded to a...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 13:15

Prime Minister Zaev calls for early elections as soon as possible

In a TV address on Saturday, Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called for early parliamentary elections as soon as possible after the country did not receive a date for opening EU accession negotiations. Huge injustice was done to us in Brussels. We have delivered reforms, we have resolved...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 13:03

Mickoski: Venice Commission concludes that Macedonia’s legal system is collapsing, that’s why there is no progress

VMRO-DPMNE’s President Hristijan Mickoski said on Kanal 77’s Stadion show that according to the Venice Commission’s conclusion, the legal system in Macedonia was collapsing under the SDSM law. The government in this country is the coalition led by Zoran Zaev, SDSM, DUI and I suppose...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 11:24

US State Department disappointed over EU’s decision not to open accession negotiations with Macedonia, Albania

The U.S. State Department expressed disappointment at the EU’s failure to move forward on membership talks with Macedonia and Albania. The United States supports North Macedonia and Albania’s commitment to Transatlantic integration and aspiration to join the European Union. We are disappointed...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 10:46

La Verita: Macron takes revenge on EU through Macedonia

Italian newspaper La Verita in its latest analysis claims that Macedonia is a collateral damage to the Macron-German conflict but also to the incompetence and corruption of Zaev and his government. The newspaper also announces new evidence of crime in the government led by SDSM and DUI. Here’s...

Macedonia 19.10.19 | 10:12

Diplomatic sources claim Zaev resigned?

The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, has resigned from the position of prime minister, Italian news agency “ANSA” reported, citing information obtained from European diplomatic sources after no consensus  was reached at the EU to set date for start of accession negotiations...

World 19.10.19 | 09:54

Protesters clash with police on fifth day of Catalonia protests

More than half a million people took part in demonstrations in Barcelona on Friday against jail sentences imposed by Spain’s Constitutional Court on nine separatist leaders, according to police estimates. The main demonstration along the city’s Passeig de Gracia remained peaceful, with protesters...