Friday, 17 January 2020
News 17.01.20 | 23:29

SDSM Secretary General Nikolovski violates his own order, gets filmed at a drunken party

A video recording shows SDSM party Secretary General Ljupco Nikolovski violating the order he himself made – that party officials steer clear of bars and restaurants until election day in order not to damage the party image. SDSM bans its officials from posting selfies from bars and restaurants...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 23:13

In the mad rush to approve a 40 million EUR payment, the Skopje court exerts unprecedented pressure on the doctor of a defendant

Judge Ognen Stavrev, who leads the scandalous TNT trial, ordered that a doctor who examined defendant Toni Trajkovski is hauled before the court. Trajkovski, the former Mayor of Skopje’s district of Gazi Baba, was badly injured in an attack late last year and as a result had to be excused from...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:59

Armed robbers grabbed 8.700 EUR from a bank in Skopje

Armed robbers took off with 8.700 EUR in their hit on an NLB bank branch in Skopje’s Gjorce Petrov district. The bank was robbed this morning. No customers or employees were harmed during the incident, the bank said.

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:53

Relentless pace of new public sector hiring as the elections draw near

Three months ahead of the elections, the spate of public sector hiring is not slowing down. Currently there are 30 open ads, and new are added every day, in a process which the opposition claims is meant to land comfy jobs for members of the ruling SDSM party. Public Administration Minister Damjan Mancevski...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:41

VMRO blames Sekerinska of politicizing the promotion process in the Defense Ministry

VMRO-DPMNE accused Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska of politicizing the process of promotions in the department. Sekerinska recently ordered the creation of a commission which would decide on promoting Defense Ministry employees, but the opposition party says the decisions are fixed from the start. We...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 19:30

Stip hospital deal, approved in the final days of Zaev’s Government, is legally highly problematic reports that the alleged problems with the project to reconstruct the Stip hospital are made up or overblown, in order to greatly increase the price of the work and benefit the contractor – the Greek Intrakat company. As was already reported, the work is facing serious difficulties, and...

World 17.01.20 | 17:16

V4: The EPP situation will have to be resolved, Orban says

Many European People’s Party (EPP) members betrayed Hungary during the EP vote on Thursday. “We were an inch away from quitting” the EPP, Viktor Orban said in his regular Friday radio interview. He emphasized that if the EPP does not stick up for Hungary, “we have to start a new...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 17:08

Commissioner Varhelyi’s visit prompts Zaev to come to the opposition asking for support for a new law on state prosecutors

VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM are renewing the bipartisan push to adopt a new law on state prosecutors, following the spectacular implosion of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which caused huge damage to the reputation and functionality of the judiciary. During his visit to Macedonia this week, EU Enlargement...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 16:40

Jeep set on fire in Prilep overnight

A BMW X-5 jeep, owned by a 27 year old man from Prilep, was set on fire overnight. The man reported the incident, saying it occurred around 2 in the morning. The front end of the vehicle was doused with liquid and burnt. Police is working to investigate the attack.

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 16:37

Two Afghan migrants caught in a cargo train bound for Hungary

Two illegal migrants from Afghanistan were detained while crossing the Macedonian – Serbian border. The two were hiding in a cargo train bound from Greece for Hugary. A Serbian border guard noticed that seals on the train cars were broken and found the two Afghan men, aged 18 and 20, hiding among...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 15:49

Dimovski: Marijuana plantations might be granted strategic investment status

SDSM through the Law on Strategic Investments, which was adopted at yesterday’s session, wants in the election period, as a political body composed of politicians with typical political decisions to give benefits to already obviously agreed deals, without rigid criteria with well-known firms and...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 15:16

Nikoloski: VMRO-DPMNE will implement reforms and in cooperation with EU Enlargement Commissioner Várhelyi will secure a date for EU accession talks

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said in Thursday’s interview with TV Tera’s “Direktno” that they were satisfied with the meeting with EU Commissioner for Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi. We are very pleased with the meeting. We expect positive impulses in the coming...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 13:58

When your SDSM membership card is your second ID in court disputes: Kurto gets away only with a warning, can continue with attacks

The SDSM official, who explained in the last election why it is so important to have SDSM membership card, he will freely agitate for his party in the upcoming elections as well. This time, Kurto Dudus will also have a personal example to show the residents of his municipality, Suto Orizari, how the...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 13:15

Apasiev: In the upcoming elections, SDSM will disappear from the political scene like PASOK

Levica leader Dimitar Apasiev in an interview with “Lider” predicts that SDSM will experience a total fiasco in the upcoming elections. He even says that the government will experience the fate of the PASOK party that has almost disappeared from the political scene in Greece. Apasiev thinks...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 12:50

Merkel: Albania and Macedonia belong to the same group

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, who on Thursday arrived in Berlin for a two-day visit, expressed hope that the EU-Western Balkan summit meeting in Zagreb would bring about progress in opening accession talks with Macedonia and Albania. The two officials discussed...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 12:43

Spasovski and Slavjanka staff works for the mafia instead of the citizens

Orce Gjorgjievski from VMRO-DPMNE EC commented about Thursday’s reports that former Stip police chief Ljupco Trajkovski, who was charged with organized migrant trafficking, was appointed an adviser in the Interior Ministry during the flurry of reassignments in the Interior Minister done by Oliver...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 12:29

Mukoski’s company wins EUR 1.2 m public contract for the construction of a building

MP Krsto Mukoski’s company “Atrium DOO” Vevcani won a contract from the state-owned joint stock company for construction and business management, “Lider” reported. On December 30, 2019, his company “Atrium DOO” won a contract for construction of a building in...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 12:06

Pendarovski about attacks on Mizrahi: One’s comment can hurt feelings of a nation or religion

At Thursday’s reception for the diplomatic corps, President Stevo Pendaorovski also spoke about the attacks on minister Rasela Mizrahi by the government. He demanded the attacks to stop and be careful not to hurt the feelings of a nation or religion. Not long ago, unfortunately, in our public...

Macedonia 17.01.20 | 11:14

Pendarovski to the diplomatic corps: We do not need negotiations as political trophy, but as instrument during which we will reform

President Stevo Pendarovski hosted Thursday reception for the diplomatic corps in Macedonia. At the meeting, he noted that the main goals of foreign policy are NATO membership and start of accession negotiations with the EU. The President wishes all EU member states to recognize this key moment for bold...

Balkans 17.01.20 | 10:45

Vucic about air pollution in Belgrade: Don’t make a big deal out of it, I take my son for a walk outside normally

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has had a heated debate with Jovana Joksimovic over air pollution in Serbia. Belgrade has been one of the most polluted cities in the world for days, but Vucic thinks it is becoming too big a deal and that air pollution is being used for political purposes. My three...