Sunday, 29 March 2020
Macedonia 29.03.20 | 23:30

Mickoski: We are facing a disaster and the Government acts as if they are not from around here

While the opposition was calling for urgent economic measures, the Government seemed to inhabit a different reality and kept persuading the public that everything is fine, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski in a TV interview. He said that the meeting of party leaders held to discuss postponing...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 22:42

Zaev stands by his proposal to cut public sector salaries

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev said that he is sticking to his proposal to cut public sector salaries down to the minimum wage over two months. It’s better if we grit our teeth for two months so everybody can continue to be paid, than endanger the payment of salaries in general, Zaev said. The minimum...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 20:59

Struga doctor describes the ordeal of her patient who was denied treatment in Ohrid and died of the coronavirus

A doctor who treated 66 year old Nemljune Ibraimi gave a shocking testimony of how doctors at the Ohrid general hospital refused to admit the woman, despite having serious difficulties breathing. The patient was in my van and I had her receiving oxygen. I had to heat up the van because it as cold outside...

Balkans 29.03.20 | 19:54

Slovenia adopts a huge financial aid package to combat the effects of the corona epidemic

Slovenia is preparing a mega rescue package named the Corona Law, which will provide three billion EUR to prop up the economy in the expected economic downturn. Prime Minister Janez Jansa said that it will provide 700 EUR in assistance to self-employed citizens whose jobs evaporate, 150 EUR to students,...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 18:02

Controversial Greek businessman with extensive ties to Macedonia reportedly dies of the coronavirus

Emanuel Malelis, a controversial Greek businessman and former diplomat with extensive ties to Macedonia, has reportedly died from the coronavirus. This was reported by daily Vecer, who reports that Malelis, best known in Macedonia as “Manoli”, contracted the virus in Cyprus and died after...

Economy 29.03.20 | 17:56

Dimitrieska: The Government refused to discuss VMRO-DPMNE’s economic proposals

Interim Deputy Finance Minister Gordana Dimitrieska Kocoska said that the Government refused to discuss the proposals from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party on how to best tackle the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic. A meeting of the economic – welfare council was held yesterday but it...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 17:46

Gynecology clinic in Bitola closes after the owner’s son was diagnosed with the virus

The Plodnost gynecology clinic in Bitola will close for two weeks after one of the doctors there tested positive. Clinic owner Tase Trpcevski confirmed that his son Hristijan has the virus. Two mothers with newborn children remain there at the moment but will be discharged tomorrow and no new patients...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 17:37

Supreme Court judge tested positive for the coronavirus, Republika has learnt

A Supreme Court judge was tested positive for the coronavirus, Republika has learnt. Two weeks ago the judge was sworn in before the entire Judicial Council, and had previously worked at the Skopje Appeals Court. Republika asked Healthcare Minister Venko Filipice, who did not confirm or deny the report...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:56

Obesity and sudden deterioration caused the death of the 31 year old coronavirus patient

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce said that obesity was a contributing factor in the death of the the 31 year patient with Covid-19. He is the youngest coronavirus patient to die so far in Macedonia, and Filipce described his situation as exceptionally bad, with collapsed lungs. It is the worst form...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:53

Strumica and Gevgelija register their first coronavirus cases, total number reaches 259

The number of coronavirus patients in Macedonia grew to 259, after 18 more were diagnosed in the past 24 hours. Strumica and Gevgelija registered their first cases – one each. Most of the patients are in the capital Skopje – 145, followed by Debar with 45 and Kumanovo with 21.

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:27

The worst is yet to come, Filipce warns

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce warned the public that the worst is yet to come, after a 31 year old man died from the coronavirus. Filipce said that the number of confirmed patients and deaths will continue to go up. We are entering the second month of a difficult battle that will change our lives....

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:14

Ohrid hospital director removed after a coronavirus patient died untreated

The head of the Ohrid general hospital was dismissed after a patient that was refused hospitalization there has died from the coronavirus. The 66 year old woman contracted the virus during visit to the family of a doctor from Debar, a city that was subsequently placed under quarantine. Nemljune Ibraimi’s...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 14:03

Mickoski accuses Zaev’s right hand man Raskovski of corruption over the coronavirus evacuation

The SDSM party led Government took a shocking move to publish the exchange between opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski and Government Secretary General Dragi Raskovski, In it, Mickoski is accusing Raskovski of corruption in the process of organizing air and bus transport for Macedonian citizens who...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 13:04

Police detains over 100 citizens for violating the curfew

Police officers detained more than a 100 people overnight for violating the curfew. A total of 263 people were found out in the streets without a permit after 16h when the weekend curfew goes into effect, and some were let go with a warning. Additionally, 180 citizens were given orders to self-isolate...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 12:45

Two patients, aged 31 and 91, die from the coronavirus

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce informed that two patients died from the coronavirus over the past 24 hours. One of them is a 31 year old man. He was placed on a respirator yesterday, but attempts to treat him failed. The other patient who died is 91 years old. Filipce said that additionally, there...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 11:15

VMRO: SDSM actions are the height of irresponsibility

After the ruling SDSM party rejected the proposal from opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski to work together on reducing the blow to the economy, VMRO-DPMNE said it’s clear the Government only cares about the financial interests of its own leaders. SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is putting forward estimates...

Economy 29.03.20 | 10:55

Former Finance Minister Minoski says reducing public sector wages will harm the economy

Former Finance Minister Kiril Minoski came out against Zoran Zaev’s proposal to reduce the public administration wages down to the minimum wage for two months as a way to plug the growing hole in the budget. Minoski said that this would crash public spending. If we look into what’s proposed...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 10:24

Prosecutors investigating the death of a corona patient who was denied care

State prosecutors informed they are investigating the death of Nemljune Ibraimi (66) who was denied medical care and died of the coronavirus. The family said that she was told to remain in self-isolation in her village near Struga and that she will be admitted to the hospital only if the coronavirus...

Macedonia 29.03.20 | 10:08

Daylight saving time introduced overnight

Macedonia introduced daylight saving time overnight. Although most of the country is under a curfew due to the coronavirus epidemic, the clocks are turned one hour forward, to make more use of the longer days.