Sunday, 9 August 2020
Macedonia 09.08.20 | 22:16

Macedonia ranks second in terms of Covid-19 mortality rate in the region

In the region, the highest coronavirus mortality rate was registered in Slovenia, followed by Macedonia and Albania, the Montenegrin news agency MINA reported. The mortality rate in Slovenia is 5.65 percent, in Macedonia – 4.45 percent, followed by Kosovo with 3.19, Albania with 3.1 and Croatia...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 22:12

First Covid-19 cases from the parties in Ohrid during the Ilinden weekend confirmed

Three people, who were partying in Ohrid during the Ilinden weekend, tested positive for Covid-19, Kanal 5 reports, citing hospital sources. The patients show mild symptoms and are receiving home treatment.Soon should be known the exact number of their contacts who would have to go into self-isolation...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 20:19

4 patients die, 85 new COVID-19 cases

Of 1,188 tests conducted in the past 24 hours, 85 new COVID-19 cases were registered in Macedonia, the Health Ministry said in a press release on Sunday. New cases were reported in Skopje-32, Kumanovo-9, Debar-3, Shtip-9, Prilep-1, Tetovo-1, Veles-2, Bitola-4, Kavadarci-6, Gostivar-7, Strumica-1, Kochani-1,...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 20:15

VMRO-DPMNE asks: Is Vice Zaev behind the burning vehicles in Lisice?

Is Vice Zaev active in Skopje as well? Is Vice Zaev, the brother of Zoran Zaev, for whom we heard that he was giving directions whose vehicle to be set on fire, the person who ordered the burning of vehicles in Skopje?, VMRO-DPMNE said on Sunday, asking if new mafia calculations were taking place. Skopje...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 20:05

Is the deadline for entrusting the mandate running: Xhaferi has not yet notified Pendarovski that the Parliament is constituted

The outgoing Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, has not yet sent a notification to President Stevo Pendarovski that the Parliament has been constituted, writes “Kanal 5”. Xhaferi’s Office has not yet answered why this has not been done and whether this means that the deadline for entrusting...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 19:32

SDSM confirms that no government has been agreed yet

SDSM continues negotiations to form stable parliamentary majority and a government with a four-year term. The party is committed to the prosperity and long-term stability of Macedonia, SDSM said in a press release Sunday. There’s no integration alternative, the press release read, to EU and NATO membership. During...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 12:16

VMRO-DPMNE: The government made a mess with the corona voucher cards

The SDSM government failed to deal with the pandemic, creating total chaos in the country. Without any shame, they stood up the students regarding the corona voucher cards because some of them were left without a penny granted by the Government. A group of about 550 students at UKIM who, although they...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 12:05

Police find 94 migrants in truck on Radovis-Stip road

Police officers found 94 migrants Saturday night in a truck on the Radovis-Stip road, the Interior Ministry said in a press release on Sunday. The migrants, coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, have been transferred to the Regional Border Center – East for further processing. The truck...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 12:02

423 people caught without face masks

In the past 24 hours, 423 people were caught without personal protective equipment, i.e. face masks, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday. The Ministry urges citizens to comply with the Government measures and protocols on protection against COVID-19, reads the press release.

Life 09.08.20 | 11:40

Inaugural edition of “Tose Proeski” swimming marathon takes place in Krusevo

“Vardar 2018” swim club, supported by the municipality of Krusevo, is staging on Sunday the inaugural edition of the Krusevo marathon, dedicated to late singer Tose Proeski. The 2.5 km marathon will take place on Krusevo Lake at 11 am. Marathon organizers explained why the event is dedicated to...

Macedonia 09.08.20 | 10:51

President Pendarovski has four more days to give the mandate for forming a government

Due to the fact that the deadline for securing parliamentary majority and forming a new government is approaching, parties have intensified negotiations. However, they are keeping details of talks secret. SDSM reiterated in a press release on Saturday that they’re holding formal talks over forming...

Economy 09.08.20 | 10:45

While the citizens pay more expensive electricity bills, the Zaev family’s companies are collecting profits

Zoran Zaev and SDSM through the more expensive electricity, which will be paid by the citizens, collect fresh money which later through tenders should be taken by companies close to the government and the Zaev family. While citizens pay expensive electricity bills, Zaev companies collect profits. If...