Saturday, 15 August 2020
Macedonia 15.08.20 | 21:05

Ali Ahmeti’s brother sends out hate filled message aimed at Macedonians

Fekri Ahmeti, Ali Ahmeti’s brother, sent out a hate filled video message enciting Albanians to look toward joining Albania and to “save themselves” from the claws” of the Macedonians. How can we be brothers with our enemies, who put us in danger. The Albanian can only love Albania...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 21:02

Coronavirus spreading fast through the Demir Hisar asylum

The coronavirus epidemic hit hard in the Demir Hisar psychiatric clinic. So far, 19 patients and two staff members tested positive, and one has died. The clinic treats nearly 300 patients, and less than 60 tests were conducted. Most of the patients who tested positive are over 55. The deceased patient...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 18:10

SDSM says they are conducting detailed talks with DUI on how to divide departments in the next Government

The SDSM party issued a press release saying that they are conducting talks on the division of departments in a future Government SDSM plans to form with DUI. In a controversial move by President Pendarovski, SDSM was given the first shot at forming a Government after the chaotic July 15 elections. The...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 18:07

Four Covid-19 deaths reported over the past 24 hours

There are four deaths reported in the latest daily coronavirus report issued by the Healthcare Ministry, which brings the total death toll of the epidemic to 539. The deceased patients include two men from Skopje (aged 54 and 55), a woman from Kavadarci (69) and a man from Sveti Nikole (70). There were...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 14:26

Taravari: SDSM and DUI are just putting on a show, they already have a coalition deal

Arben Taravari from the Alliance of Albanians believes that SDSM and DUI already have reached a coalition agreement, but are simply creating a spectacle before the public with the daily announcements of the course of their negotiations. Together with the one vote from DPA, this coalition would have a...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 14:22

Maxillofacial Clinic is being reconstructed with a US Embassy donation

The US Embassy is donating 350.000 EUR that will be used to fully refurbish the Maxillofacial Clinic in Skopje, the Healthcare Ministry informed. Minister Venko Filipce said that the project, which is on-going, is managed under US Navy engineering regulations and will greatly improve the quality of services....

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 13:31

VMRO prepares to challenge Zaev’s manndate before the Constitutional Court

VMRO-DPMNE will challenge the decision of Prsident Stevo Pendarovski to gve the mandte for the creation of the next Government before the Constitutional Court. The conservative party says that Pendaroski violatd the Constituton which requires that a candidate has majority in Parliament before the Prsident...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:58

Serbia now demands a corona test from arriving Macedonian citizens

Starting today, Serbia requires a recent negative coronavirus test from arriving citizens of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. Serbia was one of the rare places Macedonian citizens could visit without providing the test. The decision will not apply to Serbian citizens returning home.

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:52

Rare sight: Pink flamingos spotted in lake Prespa

Bird watchers snapped picturs of five pink flamingos on lake Prespa. This is a rare sight in Macedonia. Waters in Prespa are receding and this is creating muddy patches that have possibly drawn the birds. The group includes an adult and four younglings.

Economy 15.08.20 | 10:43

Central Bank denies allegations that it hid its decision on Eurostandard Bank to influence the elections and to give time to political insiders to withdraw their deposits

The Macedonian Central Bank (NBRM) responded after a leaked classified document shows it has stripped the troubled Eurostandard Bank of its licence as early as June 1, but kept the decision from the public. This prompted speculation that the move was hidden from the public in the sensitive pre-election...

News World 15.08.20 | 10:35

Turkey: Emmanuel Macron should not interfere in eastern Mediterranean

Tensions are running high in the eastern Mediterranean and the French president believes that the situation requires temporary military presence in the area, which the Turkish leadership remains fiercely opposed to, the V4 news agency reports. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also voiced his concerns...

Macedonia 15.08.20 | 10:32

SDSM – DUI coalition talks expected to continue over the weekend

SDSM and DUI are expected to continue their negotiations on forming a new coalition over the weekend. The two parties yesterday denied a report from Kanal5 TV that they agreed a coalition in which a DUI candidate – Naser Ziberi – will be Prime Minister for one year of the four year term. We...