Saturday, 19 September 2020
Macedonia 19.09.20 | 22:52

Even Osmani thinks that what Bulgaria asks for is too much, Zaev is silent

The identity is the red line that cannot be negotiated, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said Saturday after the latest blackmail by the eastern neighbor in the form of a Memorandum sent to the EU. This is the first harsh reaction by the Foreign Minister, but there was no reaction from the most called out...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 19:41

Education ministry releases video with school protocols

The Ministry of Education and Science, supported by UNICEF and USAID, has released a video of the protocols for pupils, teachers and parents upon the children’s return to school on October 1. The video is already available at the Facebook accounts of the Ministry of Education and Science, Minister...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 19:30

The government fails to deal with the coronavirus: 140 new cases, six die

There were 1,397 tests performed over the past 24 hours, with 140 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 60 patients recovered, while six died, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday. New cases were reported in Skopje-47, Kumanovo-18, Tetovo-15, Prilep-7, Kocani-5, in Gevgelija-4, Strumica- 4, Radovis-4, Stip-3,...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 17:27

Bytyqi contradicts Grubi: Ungrateful to distribute public funds on ethnic grounds

Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi said Saturday the Government is building the ‘society for all’ concept and it is ungrateful to distribute public funds on ethnic grounds. Deputy PM Bytyqi was quizzed on the announcements of First Deputy PM and Minister of Political System and Community...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 17:23

The lakes are disappearing before our eyes: We are threatened by a real ecological catastrophe

Macedonia is facing a real environmental catastrophe. The waters of the lakes are rapidly receding, leaving behind a sight that disturbs and warns that if nothing is done, we will soon see all the consequences of human negligence. The photos below of Lake Mavrovo show that fact. This inappropriate...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 13:57

Grubi: Subsidies for minority communities just a debate

Subsidies for minority communities is currently just an open debate. We subsidized employments in all free economic zones and there were no reactions of this type. I regret there are still reactions over the need to observe the country’s Constitution, said First Deputy PM and Minister of Political...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 13:54

Osmani: We will overcome the differences with Bulgaria with intensive communication

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani emphasized today that he is convinced that the strategic interest of the Republic of Bulgaria is Macedonia to be part of the European Union and believes that all differences will be returned to the framework through intensive communication and continuation...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 13:29

The government is powerless even when it has the Prosecutor’s Office and the Anti-Corruption Commission on its side

The Prosecutor’s Office decided they will not proceed against VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in the “Gym” case as the Anti-Corruption Commission threw out the allegations against him over the hydro plant management company. Instead of slandering Mickoski, these two cases confirm that the...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 12:01

623 people caught without face masks

In the past 24 hours, a total of 623 people were caught without personal protective equipment, i.e. face masks, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Saturday. The Ministry urges citizens to comply with the Government measures and protocols on protection against COVID-19, reads the press release.

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 11:57

Saliu: The government bought the votes of the Roma in the elections

In the past elections, there was a massive bribery of Roma voters by the government. Money was offered, as well as expired food. With the arrival of this government, the Roma are placed on the margins of society, Shaban Saliu, president of the Democratic Forces of Roma said in an interview with “Republika”. He...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 10:32

Dimitrov: If he could hear us, Goce Delcev would not believe the current situation we are in this discussion

In an interview with “360 Degrees”, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, commenting on the relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria and the work of the history commission, also spoke about Goce Delcev. We need to think a little about the essence. I think Goce Delcev,...

Macedonia 19.09.20 | 09:27

Kovatchev: There is no doubt that Goce Delcev was ethnic Bulgarian

Bulgarian Member of European Parliament (MEP) Andrey Kovatchev says the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission on Historical Issues needs to make progress to avoid a delay in the start of Macedonia’s EU accession negotiation. Kovatchev told Telma TV that both countries have to take the European path...