Monday, 19 October 2020
Macedonia Sport 19.10.20 | 12:37

Basketball clubs demand that the season begins

Basketball clubs called on Pero Antic, the head of the Macedonian Basketball Federation (KFM) to being the season or resign. The clubs tell Antic that the whole of Europe has resumed and that Macedonia must follow suit. Some countries in Europe even allow audience to attend the games. There is football,...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 12:32

Gostivar monastery broken into

The Transfiguration of Christ monastery in Gostivar was broken into yesterday, in broad daylight, and money were stolen from the donations boxes. Caretakers for the monastery say that the theft occurred some time between 8 and 18h.

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 12:22

Trial against VMRO officials postponed because of a corona infection

A court hearing in one of the numerous cases initiated by SDSM linked prosecutors against VMRO-DPMNE was postponed today as one of the defendants had contracted the coronavirus. The trial has 20 party officials and members charged with tampering with electoral materials. The prosecution is still lead...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 12:05

“Zaev acts like a feudal lord, giving mining contracts to his brother and cousin”

Zoran Zaev treats Macedonia as a feudal fief, handing mining contracts to his relatives, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski, after the latest scandal in which the Government approved a mining contract to companies ran by Zaev’s brother Vice and cousin Trajce Zaev. The government grants...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 11:34

Kathimerini reports on the growing dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria

Greek daily Kathimerini believes that Zoran Zaev does not actually fear that Bulgaria will actually block Macedonia from opening the EU accession talks. The paper reports on the growing dispute, and how Bulgaria is now taking up the role Greece played in blocking Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration,...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 11:20

Milososki: Bulgaria wants Goce Delcev declared an ethnic Bulgarian who was Macedonian only in the regional sense

Former Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki reports that the Bulgarian request regarding Goce Delcev is that the legendary VMRO leader is declared as an “ethnic Bulgarian who is a Macedonian in the regional sense”. This formulation would have to be used by both countries, Bulgaria reportedly...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 11:11

Man arrested for money laundering through Vodno real-estate deals

A person was arrested this morning on the charge of money laundering involving real-estate in Skopje’s posh Mt. Vodno district. Unofficially it is reported that the man is identified as R.N. by the police, and that he was involved in overpriced trading with land on Vodno. Prosecutors are expected...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 09:15

Draconian coronavirus restrictions sent to the Parliament for approval

The Government forwarded a proposal to mandate wearing of masks even when by yourself in the open to the Parliament. The proposal would also been family gathering with more than four visitors – practically ending the practice of celebrating Christian feasts. The proposals were made by the Infectious...

Macedonia 19.10.20 | 09:13

A historic monastery added to the list of ethnic disputes

Add this to the never ending list of historic disputes in and over Macedonia. The monastery of St. John Bigorski near Debar is celebrating the 1,000 anniversary is its founding. The belovedshrine is celebrated with sermons, concerts and even a light show. It is respected by both Christians and Muslims...

Macedonia Economy 19.10.20 | 09:09

SDSM and DUI feud over expected EU infrastructure windfall

The ruling SDSM and DUI parties have postponed the appointment of managers to some key public companies. Even thought the two parties have announced an agreement as to who gets what, which includes some major swaps in lucrative utilities, the new appointment haven’t been formally approved yet by...