Saturday, 24 October 2020
Macedonia 24.10.20 | 22:35

Amdi Bajram had the coronavirus when he died, the family is now reportedly planning a large funeral

The Healthcare Ministry confirmed media reports that politician Amdi Bajram, who died today, was positive to the coronavirus. The Ministry will now work to track down anybody who has been in intense contact with Bajram in the past days. The issue is greatly complicated by the fact that Bajram staged...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 18:55

One extra hour of sleep starting tomorrow

According to daylight saving time, this evening at 3 in the morning, the time will move one hour backwards. With the days growing shorter, this should provide the citizens with a later start to the day.

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 18:42

Fourteen Covid-19 deaths in one day

Macedonia saw another very high daily death toll today, with the Healthcare Ministry reporting 14 deaths from Covid-19 in the past 24 hours. The deceased patients were aged 51 to 83 and were from Prilep, Kumanovo (2), Kriva Palanka, Skopje, Gevgelija, Kocani, Struga, Bitola, Resen (2), Berovo and Tetovo....

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 18:31

Albanian parties demand a resignation from Mayor Bogdanovic for claiming that Kosovo is part of Serbia

Ethnic Albanian parties are demanding an explanation from Zoran Zaev’s SDSM party after the statements made its official Sasa Bogdanovic and his party during the wedding he had in Kosovo. As ethnic Serb, Bogdanovic and his guests denied the independence of Kosovo and sang Serbian nationalist songs. I...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 15:37

Mickoski: We must defend our red lines, we can’t live in a humiliated country

We need Macedonian national unity because there’s not enough of us to divide ourselves any further, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski during his remarks on the national holiday dedicated to the founding of the VMRO national liberation organization. Mickoski said that this is the reason...

Macedonia Economy 24.10.20 | 15:08

Average salary grows to 450 EUR

The average salary reportedly grew by 9.6 percent in August, compared to last year, and is now 27,535 denars (450 EUR). The State statistics bureau reported that the salary grew the most in the areas of art, entertainment and recreational activities (20.4 percent), agriculture (16.9 percent) and healthcare...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 15:02

Colorful politician Amdi Bajram dead at 64

Amdi Bajram, a long standing Roma political leader in Macedonia, has died aged 64. It is being reported that Bajram died at the “Philip II” clinic in Skopje, from heart disease, and rumors are being spread that he may also have had the coronavirus. He suffered from diabetes and other health...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 11:34

Police continues with mass issuing of fines to motorists around Skopje

Over 200 citizens of Dracevo, east of Skopje, were fined on Friday for traffic violations. The massive campaign of fining motorists comes after a child and a man were tragically killed by a drunk driver in a near-by part of the city. Those fined included drivers without licenses, those driving unregistered...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 11:22

Ahmeti says Kosovo should use the treaties with Greece and Bulgaria as model for its talks with Serbia

Compromises Macedonia made with Greece and Bulgaria should be a reference point in the talks between Serbia and Kosovo, said DUI party leader Ali Ahmeti after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Kosovo Avdullah Hoti, who is visiting Macedonia. Serbia and Kosovo reached a primarily economic agreement...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 10:31

FM Osmani wants an Albanian to sit on the Macedonian – Bulgarian committee of historians

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that he wants to seat an ethnic Albanian historian to the Committee that is negotiating historic issues with Bulgaria. The Committee is currently deadlocked over issues such as the ethnicity of Goce Delcev, with Bulgaria announcing it will block Macedonia from opening...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 09:50

“Goce would roll in his grave if he knew he is being negotiated away”

The growing dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria over the ethnicity of legendary VMRO leader Goce Delcev, brought back to light one of the final statements of Katerina Trajkova Nurdzieva, one of Delcev’s descendants. Two years ago, the World War Two partisan fighter said that “Goce Delcev...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 09:34

VMRO supporters rallied along the Goce Delcev highway

Hundreds of cars took to the streets of Macedonian cities yesterday, in a protest organized by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party. The main column drove from Skopje to Stip, along the newly built Goce Delcev highway. The main destination was the historic Novo Selo near Stip, where Goce Delcev worked as...

Macedonia 24.10.20 | 09:14

Three Syrian migrants found near Berovo

Police officers found three illegal migrants from Syria, that were being transported in a car near Berovo. The officers tried to stop a Peugeot 307 with Bulgarian licence plates that was moving near the village of Ratevo. The driver took flight and abandoned the car shortly after. He was not found, but...