Sunday, 22 November 2020
Macedonia 22.11.20 | 23:13

Telma TV introduces censorship on the opposition

In its news today, Telma TV again didn’t have a single news item that would represent the views of the opposition parties. The new editorial policy was heralded when Telma canceled an already scheduled interview with opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski, as the owner of the TV station, the Makpetrol...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 22:51

Corona report: 24 deaths, including six people in their 40-ies

The Healthcare Ministry reported 24 new deaths of Covid-19, among whom is an alarming number of people in their 40-ies. The deceased include a 45 year old man from Prilep, a 41 year old from Tetovo, a 48 year old from Bitola, a 47 year old from Kriva Palanka, a patient from Kocani (41) and a 40 year...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 18:02

“The multiple crises require a Government of national unity”

Only an expert Government with the broad support from all main political parties in Macedonia can deal with the coronavirus epidemic and respond to the pressure from Bulgaria, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, in an interview with the news site. We need strong diplomacy, serious...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 17:53

Sofia university professor condemns Bulgarian politicians for their outdated understanding of terms “language” and “dialect”

Sofia university professor Aleksandar Kosev condemned Bulgarian politicians for insisting that the Macedonian language is a dialect of the Bulgarian, saying it is an unscientific approach to declare one dialect as “correct”, while the other as derived. These is outdated use of terms like...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 17:28

It’s gonna cost us: Zaev preparing to sell public companies to Bulgaria to have its veto lifted

VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski asked the Government to explain whether it is really preparing to sell public companies to Bulgarian companies, as a way to placate Bulgaria and lift its veto. Bulgarian politicians added the lack of openness for business opportunities in Macedonia as one of the...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 17:06

Former German diplomat in Skopje and Sofia calls on her country to do something about the Bulgarian veto

Former German Ambassador to Macedonia Gudrun Steinecker criticized Bulgaria for its veto against Macedonia, calling its demands insulting, provocative, unscientific and unrealistic. Steinecker, who like a number of other Western diplomats in Macedona is an outspoken supporter of the Zaev regime and the...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 16:47

Nikoloski: The blockade from Bulgaria is the result of three years of backsliding under Zaev

The actual reason why Macedonia is not being allowed to open EU accession talks are the numerous and credible corruption allegations about the Zaev regime, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, who has for years maintained that the accession talks will be delayed for as long as Zaev is...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:56

Police breaks up wedding near Gostivar

Police and inspectors cut short a wedding in the village of Zdunje near Gostivar, wher more than 70 guests were gathered. The wedding, taking place in a restaurant owned by a man from Gostivar, was reported to the inspectors. The owner is being charged with ignoring regulations during a pandemic.

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:54

Fines for welfare workers, religious institutions, if they don’t fight domestic violence

The Labour and Welfare Ministry plans to introduce fines for heads of its welfare centers if they ignore reports from women who suffer abuse. Managers, but also prosecutors and even ministers can be fined between 100 and 500 EUR if they don’t act in accordance with the new law on prevention of...

Macedonia Economy 22.11.20 | 11:50

Bocvarski insists that Macedonia will become a regional gas player

Transportation Minister Blagoja Bocvarski claimed that Macedonia will become a major regional player in the natural gas market with the completion of the linkage between its cities and the link to Greece. Macedonia currently has a badly underdeveloped network, with supply from Russia, through Bulgaria,...

Macedonia Economy 22.11.20 | 11:35

Citizens driving foreign cars will be allowed tax breaks if they register them in Macedonia

The Government plans to allow citizens who use cars with foreign license plates to register them in Macedonia. This is common practice especially in the east of the country, where cheaper imports from Bulgaria are often driven under their original license plates. Emigrants to western European countries...

Macedonia 22.11.20 | 11:27

Skopje expected to reach 10,000 active cases

The number of active cases in the capital Skopje is projected to reach 10,000 today, as Macedonia as a whole surpasses 20,000. Skopje has persistently had about half of the total number of coronavirus cases for the duration of the epidemic, and yesterday it had 9,854 cases. Macedonia sees over a 1,000...