Sunday, 9 May 2021
Macedonia 09.05.21 | 22:59

Will curfew, outdoor mask mandate and ban on organizing weddings be lifted?

Instead of Monday, as is the practice every week, the Commission for Infectious Diseases will hold a meeting on Friday, the day after the Ramadan holiday, when it will be known whether there will be a new relaxation of measures against the spread of the disease, ie whether the curfew, the outdoor mask...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 22:54

Menkinoski: Ruskovska lies that NSA’s note was not evidence in the Kamcev case

First and foremost, I would like to inform you that the case of illegal deprivation of freedom or “kidnapping” of Mr. Jordan Kamcev is already subject to observation and review by several international entities of the Council of Europe whose mandate is the protection of basic human rights,...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 15:14

14 die, 135 new Covid-19 cases

Out of 1,993 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 135 new cases were registered, 298 patients recovered and 14 died, the Health Ministry said on Sunday. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia has registered 154,026 confirmed coronavirus cases, while 137,962 people have...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 15:09

Pandov: It is unfortunate that 76 years after the victory over fascism on May 9, 1945, Macedonia is again a captured state

Unfortunately, Macedonia has been enslaved many times in its centuries-old history, but fortunately, mother Macedonia gave birth to sons who always liberated her, said Aleksandar Pandov, president of the Patriot Institute of VMRO-DPMNE at an event in Prilep on Victory Day who with a minute of silence...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 15:02

Mickoski: Macedonia only country in the Balkans that acquired statehood through the anti-fascist national liberation struggle, Zaev is now trampling on that

In his address on Europe Day and Victory Day in Prilep, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, underlined that Macedonia is the only country in the Balkans that acquired statehood through the anti-fascist national liberation struggle, and that Zaev is now trampling on that. It is no coincidence...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 13:16

Government delegation lays flowers at partisan cemetery on Victory Day and Europe Day

Government delegation led by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, accompanied by Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska and Minister of Education and Science Mila Carovska laid fresh flowers at the Skopje-based partisan cemetery on occasion of May 9-Victory Day and Europe Day.

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 13:12

Zaev still negotiates with a country that refuses to apologize for the atrocities it committed against the Macedonian people when it was Hitler’s servant

Regarding the statement of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that no one should intervene in the Macedonian identity, Saso Tasevski says that until he dissolves the history commission with Bulgaria, which does exactly that, he bargains with the Bulgarians for the Macedonian identity. Only fools can believe Zaev....

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 12:49

Kolaric: Silegov gave subsidies for inverter air conditioners to people close to him living in the central city area

A new scandal is on the horizon, and again at the center of this scandal is Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov. We have well-founded suspicions that the very announced subsidies for inverter air conditioners are a big fraud and abuse behind the half realization of the project, and they are distributed without...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 12:42

Dimitrov- Geer: Europe to keep its word

The position of the European Commission is very clear, from the very beginning the EC is very interested to see the holding of an intergovernmental conference with your country, as well as with Albania, which, in fact, means starting negotiations with Macedonia and Albania as soon as possible. On the...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 10:55

The man who signed that Delcev and Misirkov are of Hellenic origin claims that he doesn’t accept identity change

The man who signed that Delcev and Misirkov are of Hellenic origin, and that he came from behind the Carpathians, tells the Greeks that he did not accept a change of identity, comments Bogdan Ilievski on Sundays interview of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with the Greek Kathimerini daily. Ilievski is one...

Macedonia 09.05.21 | 10:43

We don’t accept any intervention in the Macedonian identity, Zaev tells “Kathimerini”

In an interview with the Greek “Kathimerini” daily newspaper, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev spoke about Macedonia’s EU perspective and Bulgaria’s veto, as well as the Greek support, the Prespa Agreement, and the relations with the former and current Prime Minister of Greece, MIA reports...