Thursday, 16 September 2021
Macedonia 16.09.21 | 23:57

“Mila Carovska will be the first to go to jail”

Education Minister Mila Carovska is the first that will be held accountable after the Zaev Government falls, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. He accused Carovska of introducing new digital textbooks without having a law in place that would allow her to do so. “That is why she...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 23:53

Nikoloski: Media outlets are pressured to stop reporting about the Tetovo hospital fire

The Zaev Government is exerting pressure on the media outlets not to report on the aftermath of the deadly Tetovo hospital fire, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said during an Alfa TV interview. The fire, that killed 15 patients and family members, is a major political issue for the Zaev...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 22:18

“Zaev tries to avoid Filipce’s removal because of the large procurement contracts going through the Healthcare Ministry”

Zoran Zaev keeps Venko Filipce on as his Healthcare Minister because of the large procurement contracts that go through that Ministry, said VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki. He noted that the Zaev Government moved quickly to remove other officials who offered their resignations, but is now procrastinating...

Macedonia Culture 16.09.21 | 21:20

Festival of “live statues” in Skopje

Friday and Saturday evening, a parade of “live statues” will be held on Macedonia Street in downtown Skopje. The costumed performers will interact with the citizens as well as with the actual monuments and landmarks in the city.

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 21:17

Hospitalizations of school age children fuel parent concerns

Of the 20 children who are currently being hospitalized with Covid, 15 are of school-age, Sitel TV reported. This adds to the concerns of the parents who are anxious to allow their children to attend in-person classes. According to the TV station, the hospitalized children had pulmonary issues, fever...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 21:12

A precedent Zaev set to persecute his political opponents could come back to haunt him after the Tetovo hospital fire

A bizarre precedent set by the activists of the Colored Revolution and Zaev’s regime could soon backfire on Zaev, as it could easily be used against his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. In 2017, among the myriad of politically driven criminal charges filed against VMRO-DPMNE officials, one more...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 19:23

Corona report: 28 deaths and 577 new cases

The Healthcare Ministry reported 28 deaths over the past 24 hours. The ages of the deceased ranged from 58 to 81. Eleven of them were from Skopje and three from Strumica and Tetovo. The total death toll of the pandemic is now estimated at 6,367. The Ministry also reported 577 newly diagnosed cases. The...

World 16.09.21 | 18:06

Orban: Central European economic area emerging faster from crisis

Countries in the Central European economic area, including Slovenia and Hungary, are emerging more rapidly from the crisis because they have persevered, not dismantled capacities, continued developments and kept people employed throughout last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Celje,...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 17:36

Zaev’s allies go in and out of prison as they wish, while his opponents are kept under strict guard

The treatment of Zaev’s former top adviser Dragi Raskovski, who was photographed freely walking around Skopje when he should be under house arrest, is in stark contrast with the way the Zaev regime treats its political enemies. Most notably, former Transportation Minister Mile Janakieski, who faces...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 17:25

Rule of law, Zaev style: Another jailbird photographed on a street in Skopje

Photos of two criminals linked to the Zaev regime who should be in prison or house arrest but are in fact walking around Skopje were shared today.  First, it was Zaev’s former top adviser Dragi Raskovski, who is supposed to be under house arrest, but was photographed in Skopje’s Aerodrom district....

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 17:14

Two Afghan migrants robbed and kidnapped an Indian man near Kumanovo

Two Afghan illegal migrants were arrested after they assaulted an Indian migrant, robbed him and kept him hostage while they demanded more money from his family. The incident happened in the village of Tabanovce near Kumanovo, on the border with Serbia, which serves as a major base on the Balkan migrant...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 15:57

Will a third trial be required for the Smilkovsko massacre? According to Kurti, “Monster” and other cases were not fully clarified

The Ministers of Justice of the Governments of Macedonia and Kosovo are in direct regular contact and they are cooperating on this issue as well, said Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, answering a reporter’s question when and whether Kosovo will extradite Afrim Ismailovic and Alil Demiri, defendants...

Balkans 16.09.21 | 15:42

Who is Albin Kurti: A covert radical, spent time in Serbian prison, the Americans overthrew his first government

A Kosovo delegation led by Prime Minister Albin Kurti is paying Thursday a visit to Macedonia for a joint session with the Macedonian government. Their arrival in Skopje caused chaos in the city and incredible crowds and dismay. Kurti is a frequent guest in the country, and he mostly came when he was...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 15:16

Zaev meets Kosovo counterpart Kurti

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday welcomed with high state and military honors Kosovo counterpart Albin Kurti, who is leading a delegation to Skopje for a joint session with Macedonia’s government. Zaev and Kurti, as the government press service informed, went for a meeting in the office of Prime...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 14:54

Half of Skopje blocked due to Kosovo delegation visit, a girl could not go to her father’s funeral

The visit of the Kosovo delegation caused chaos in Skopje. From the early morning hours, the boulevard near the Aleksandar Palace hotel was blocked all the way to the gas station in Karpos 3, the junction at Momin Potok and Ilindenska. Drivers were nervously honking because they did not know who was...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 14:38

Mickoski on Tetovo fire: Those who allowed it to happen should assume criminal responsibility and ten years in prison

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski informed Thursday that that he visited the village of Neraste together with the MP Aleksandar Veljanovski to express condolences and talk to the sons of a woman who was one of the 14 victims in the fire at the Tetovo the modular hospital on September 8. He said that...

Balkans 16.09.21 | 13:45

We will not give in, street violence has never brought anything good, says Jansa after protests in Ljubljana

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa has spoken out against the protests against the strict COVID measures, which escalated into clashes with the police. The protest against the measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus took place Wednesday in Ljubljana, and the Slovenian Prime Minister...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 13:24

Mickoski visits Neraste, the home of a family that suffered a huge loss in the Tetovo modular hospital fire

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski visited Thursday the village of Neraste, the home of a family that suffered a huge loss in the fire at the Tetovo modular hospital. The pain is huge, my deepest condolences to the family. There must be answers and responsibility after that!, said Mickoski.

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 13:09

So far, 31 health workers have lost the battle with Covid-19, and seven pregnant women and five who contracted the virus twice have died, according to PHI report

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic until September 12, 6,277 deaths were registered in Macedonia. Of those, 31 health workers lost the battle with Covid-19, seven pregnant women died, and a report by the Institute of Public Health shows that five patients who are said to be infected with the...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 12:23

Simovski: It is pure nonsense that someone knows how many people declared themselves as Bulgarians, no one has accessed the data

The course of the census is as expected, even a little better than expected. On workdays, the daily average is around 100,000 people, with a slight increase over the weekends. We’re expecting next weekend to be even better, the director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, said on the...