Thursday, 16 September 2021
Macedonia 16.09.21 | 11:19

The court allowed Raskovski to leave house arrest due to health reasons, confirms Zaev

The Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Thursday that the ex-general secretary of the Government, Dragi Raskovski, was allowed to leave house arrest to go to the doctor. The authorities informed that he has permission from the court, in the exact period when to go to the doctor. I read that from the media....

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 10:44

Zaev: I say it every day – I am not thinking about resigning

Every day I comment on my resignation, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Thursday, reiterating that he was not considering resigning. He also said he sees politicking, desire for power and victory in the elections in Wednesday’s statement of Ziadin Sela, who asked him to resign for moral reasons....

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 10:25

Silegov, Filipce, Carovska and Sekerinska have new houses and none of them is constructed with PUR foam

Silegov, Filipce, Carovska and Sekerinska got new houses in one term and none of them is constructed with PUR foam. Petre Silegov in one term with a mayor’s salary of one thousand euros managed to build a luxury hacienda in Mavrovo and to upgrade a building in Taftalidze, reacted VMRO-DPMNE. Venko...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 10:02

Joint session in Skopje of Macedonia and Kosovo governments

The governments of Macedonia and Kosovo on Thursday in Skopje will hold the first-ever joint session, led by prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Albin Kurti. Before the start of the joint session, there will be an official welcoming ceremony, and a meeting between Prime Ministers Zaev and Kurti, as well as...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 09:27

Sela: Why the names of the victims in the Tetovo hospital fire haven’t been published yet?

In an interview with TV24, the leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Ziadin Sela, publicly asked how is the investigation into the fire at the Tetovo modular hospital going and whether that is the reason why, seven days after the tragedy, the names of the victims have not been published yet. We do not...

Macedonia 16.09.21 | 09:12

Authorities do not rule out new Covid measures

The health authorities indicate that the covid virus currently has widespread infection, the situation is being monitored, and if necessary, new measures will be adopted. For now, say the authorities, there is no indication of a change in the in-person teaching model. The number of active COVID cases...

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