Saturday, 18 September 2021
Macedonia 18.09.21 | 21:34

Daily corona report: Heavy toll with 41 deaths

The Healthcare Ministry reported one of the highest daily death tolls of the current wave of the pandemic – 41 patients died, including people aged 18, 23 and 31. 23 of the deaths were reported in the capital Skopje, four were in Tetovo and three each in Kumanovo and Kicevo. The total death toll...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 21:21

VMRO-DPMNE alleges that Minister Filipce was warned that the modular hospitals are flammable, but ignored the warning

Experts warned Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce that using flammable insulation in the modular Covid hospitals is very dangerous, VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki said during a press conference today. According to Kovacki, Filipce ignored direct warnings about the safety of the 19 improvised hospitals...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 21:14

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce photographed relaxing on a Greek beach with Vice Zaev

Photographs showing Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce together with Zoran Zaev’s brother Vice Zaev at a beach in Greece were shared online today. The pictures appear to be new, taken at the end of the summer, at Zaev’s villa in Chalkidiki. Going on vacation is controversial for Filipce, considering...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 20:58

Nikola Dimitrov still hasn’t responded to allegations that he authored the latest memorandum on the historic dispute with Bulgaria

Several days after the allegation, Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov still hasn’t denied the claim that he is the author of the controversial new memorandum for arranging future relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria. VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said that Dimitrov authored...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 20:54

VMRO announces that tomorrow they will reveal a new major scandal involving Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov

VMRO-DPMNE announced that tomorrow the party will reveal serious new information indicating criminal conduct on part of the Mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov. The opposition party recently revealed that Silegov is building a large addition to his house without a permit, and then hinted at evidence that he...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 14:53

Tetovo remains on edge after the protests on Friday

The protests yesterday remain the main political issue in the city of Tetovo. Protesters clashed with the police that was preventing them from gathering in front of the office of the ruling DUI party, to demand accountability after the deadly hospital fire that killed 15 people. Four officers were injured...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 14:33

Despite growing number of Covid cases in schools, Carovska insists that the in-person teaching is safe

Despite the growing number of coronavirus outbreaks in public schools, Education Minister Mila Carovska insists that the system is safe and that pupils should continue to attend in-person classes. There are some incidental cases in municipalities with minimum violations of the protocols, and we are intervening...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 14:25

Two Cubans expelled after illegally entering Macedonia

Two Cuban citizens were expelled from Macedonia and banned re-entry for the next five years, after they were caught crossing into from Serbia illegally. The men were detained early on Friday morning and were promptly given the expulsion orders.

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 13:40

Rain causes flooding in parts of Veles

The rain this morning caused flooding in parts of Veles. Streets that do not have a developed rainwater collection system were particularly vulnerable and quickly turned into small lakes. Locals shared video of the flooding.

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 11:03

Prosecutor Ruskoska says she is investigating the crony contract to build the 19 improvised Covid hospitals

Organized crime prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska clarified that her department is only investigating the contract signed early this year to build the 19 improvised Covid hospitals. Ruskoska said that she is not interfering in the investigation into the catastrophic fire that killed 15 people in the Tetovo hospital...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 10:55

Starting in October, only fully vaccinated people will be allowed into cafes and restaurants

Starting with October, citizens won’t be allowed into restaurants and cafes unless they are fully vaccinated. Up until now, those who have received only one dose of the vaccine were also allowed in, while the unvaccinated remain banned. We intend to have the vaccination certificate become a certificate...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 10:53

Why was the Tetovo hospital built using flammable materials?, VMRO asks Zaev

As the Zaev regime is trying to deflect its responsibility for the deadly fire in Tetovo, that killed 15 people in a makeshift Covid hospital set up under a crony contract, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party came out with a list of 12 questions that VMRO says need to be answered. Who is to blame for the...

Macedonia 18.09.21 | 10:48

Final deadline to confirm the candidates for the coming local elections

The deadline for the local electoral bodies to confirm the candidacies of political parties and independent candidates expires today. After today, the electoral committees will finalize the list of candidates for the October 17th local elections. On September 23rd, a draw will take place to determine...