Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Macedonia 21.09.21 | 22:46

Hajredini: After crime and corruption, now they want to avoid responsibility for the terrible tragedy

As they have so far managed to avoid responsibility for the long-standing crime and corruption, now they are trying to avoid responsibility for the terrible tragedy, writes former Minister Xhevdet Hajredini on Facebook.

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 22:16

Tetovo Municipality: We are not responsible for the modular hospital, but the Ministry of Health

The Municipality of Tetovo denies being in charge of the modular hospital, in which 14 people died in a fire. The municipality claims that the competencies for the modular hospitals belong to the central government. The construction of the modular hospital is realized with a special law, where all competencies...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 21:28

Those responsible for the tragedy are trying to avoid it, blaming others for allegedly politicizing the disaster

Those responsible for the tragedy are trying to avoid it, blaming others for allegedly politicizing the catastrophe, former Minister Xhevdet Hajredini wrote on Facebook, referring to the tragic event in Tetovo, when a fire broke out in a modular hospital in which 14 people died and 12 were injured.

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 21:08

Bulgarian media react: Silegov starts removing only the Bulgarian galley in Skopje

Skopje has started destroying one of the attractions of North Macedonia’s capital, a fake boat-restaurant in the riverbed of the Vardar River, built by a Bulgarian who until recently was used as a restaurant, several Bulgarian media report using the offensive adjective “North Macedonian”. The...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 20:05

554 new Covid cases, 17 die, including young patients aged 33, 34 and 36

Out of 4,072 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 554 new cases were registered and 17 patients passed away, including young patients aged 33, 34 and 36, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia has registered 187,622 confirmed coronavirus...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 20:00

SDSM and DUI start to shift responsibility for Tetovo hospital fire, who is to blame, Filipce or Besimi?

Coalition partners SDSM and DUI began shifting responsibility for the tragedy in the modular hospital in Tetovo, when 14 people were killed and 12 were injured on September 8. The authorities have not yet officially announced the cause of the accident in the modular covid hospital in Tetovo. Meanwhile,...

Economy 21.09.21 | 18:23

Saint Petersburg – Skopje flight inaugurated

The arrival of the first flight from Pulkovo Airport to Skopje International Airport on Tuesday officially marks the inauguration of a direct flight from Saint Petersburg to Skopje. Flights to the capital of Macedonia will be performed weekly on Tuesdays. This is the second direct flight since the establishment...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 17:27

VMRO-DPMNE: The government is afraid of the truth, it rejected our proposal to discuss the construction of modular hospitals

The government is afraid of the truth and does not want to talk about the circumstances related to the Tetovo tragedy and the fire at the modular hospital, said VMRO DPMNE. Today, they rejected the proposal of the parliamentary group of the Committee on Labor and Social Policy to review the information...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 16:58

Zaev, you are an example of abuse of human accidents, remember Tamara, the Smilkovo victims, Martin Neskovski

If anyone has abused human destinies for politics, it is Zoran Zaev, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski in Monday’s TV duel, responding to Zaev’s accusations of political profiteering in connection with the Tetovo modular hospital fire. Mickoski reminded Zaev how he personally manipulated...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:43

More evidence that city of Skopje contracts were being rigged

A wealth of documents from the Skopje city hall prove that a contract worth 300,000 EUR to reconstruct water lines in Skopje’s Karpos district, was rigged. VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Dimitar Arsovski continued to present evidence that shows that city inspectors were reviewing the work of the Koding 2...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:33

Laura Kovesi will be put in charge of crime and corruption in the Balkans

EU prosecutor Laura Kovesi will be placed in charge of overseeing crime and corruption levels in the Balkans. Kovesi is best known in Macedonia as close friend of now disgraced Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. Kovesi would often come to meet with Janeva, while Janeva was engaged in a politically motivated...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:27

In meeting with Hristijan Mickoski, Viktor Orban expresses his support for Macedonia’s EU path

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski and his deputy Aleksandar Nikoloski met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, to discuss the Covid pandemic, the migrant crisis in the Balkans and Macedonia’s stalled EU accession process, where Prime Minister Orban expressed strong Hungarian support...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:20

Group of six Cuban illegal migrants intercepted near Negotino

A police patrol found six Cuban illegal migrants, who were being transported by two Macedonian citizens from Skopje. The group was travelling in two cars, on the E-75 highway due north near Negotino. The highway is on the main migrant route through the Balkans.

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 15:17

Weekly corona report: 522 citizens contracted the virus for a second time, five of them died

The Healthcare Ministry informed that 522 citizens, who have overcome the coronavirus infection, have again contracted the virus this past week. Of them, five succumbed to the illness. One person had contracted the illness for a third time, the Institute for Public Health informed.

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 13:57

Documents published by DW shift blame for the deadly Tetovo fire on the local municipal authorities

The Macedonian edition of Deutsche Welle published documents from the contracts signed to build and oversee the work of the 19 improvised Covid hospitals. ACcording to the documents, prepared in October 2020, the responsibility for overseeing the construction falls on the local municipal authorities...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 13:46

Poll shows Danela Arsovska ahead of Petre Silegov in the key mayoral race in Skopje

The latest poll by the Organization for civic activism shows the independent candidate Danela Arsovska in the lead ahead of the incumbent Mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov. According to the poll, Arsovska would win 19.3 percent of the vote, against Silegov’s 17.4 percent. Arsovska’s nomination...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 11:49

Commissioner Varhelyi is in Bulgaria to push for an end of their veto against Macedonia

European Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi is in Bulgaria today to discuss the continued Bulgarian veto against Macedonia and our EU integration process. Varhelyi will meet with President Rumen Radev and interim Prime Minister Svetlan Stoev. Varhelyi made one such attempt in May, but the technical...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 11:42

Stip hospital management is trying to remove the patients from the container Covid unit to a safer location

The management of the Stip general hospital is trying to remove all patients from the improvised container ward – a unit of the same type to the one that burnt down in Tetovo on September 8th, killing 15 patients and visitors. But because of issues with fire prevention system in the main hospital...

Macedonia Economy 21.09.21 | 11:35

Rice farmers from Kocani protest against the low prices they are being offered for the harvest

Rice farmers from Kocani blocked the road west to Skopje in protest against the low prices offered for their harvest and the increase in prices for the essentials needed to maintain their fields. The rice sells for 15 to 18 denars – and even lower as whole-traders are trying to extract more subsidies...

Macedonia 21.09.21 | 10:51

Parliament Committee asked to review the crony Covid hospitals contract

VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament proposed that the Committee on labour and welfare reviews the project for construction of 19 improvised Covid hospitals. The project was led by the Healthcare and Transportation ministries, but according to VMRO representative Antonio Milososki, the role of the Labour...