Sunday, 17 October 2021
Macedonia 17.10.21 | 23:56

SDSM’s Kostadinov declares victory in Strumica

SDSM candidate Kostadin Kostadinov declared a victory in the first round of the mayoral elections in Strumica – the main power-base of SDSM and its leader Zoran Zaev. Kostadinov said that he won by 4,000 votes ahead of the VMRO-DPMNE candidate Zan Drvosanov in an otherwise brutal night for SDSM.

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 23:40

SDSM hopes to be saved by Albanian voters in the runoff race in Skopje

Faced with major losses across the country, SDSM sent their official and Zaev’s Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski to confront the press. In his remarks, after insisting that the party won half a dozen small municipalities, Nikolovski focused on the mayoral race in Skopje, pinning the hopes...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 23:34

VMRO-DPMNE moves Butel in the win column, completes its rout of SDSM in Skopje

After initial reports that the left won in Butel, VMRO-DPMNE mayoral candidate Darko Kostovski declared that he won in the first round of the elections, adding to the string of VMRO victories in Skopje. We defended Butel. Victory in the first round, Kostovski declared. The party is also briefing that...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 23:11

Nikoloski urges Zaev to come out and congratulate VMRO-DPMNE on their victory

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski called on Zoran Zaev to address the public in face of the drubbing his SDSM party faced in the local elections, and to acknowledge his defeat. I think it is fair that Zoran Zaev now comes out and congratulates VMRO-DPMNE on our victory. This is just the...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 23:00

VMRO-DPMNE maintains its lead in Bitola

The crown of an amazing night for VMRO-DPMNE in the local elections is the projected lead in Bitola, a city that was expected to go to SDSM. Current results from the opposition party show that the VMRO-DPMNE candidate Toni Konjanovski has a lead of 1,600 against Hristo Kondovski, a businessman close...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:56

Zaev correctly predicted the score, but not the winner

With VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski set to address cheering supporters in downtown Skopje, after a string of major local election victories, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is nowhere to be seen. Zaev sent an ashen faced deputy, Ljupco Nikolovski, to face the press at the SDSM headquarters. This is notable...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:52

The Albanian opposition won in Debar

The Alliance of Albanians and Alternative coalition of opposition Albanian parties announced that it took Debar from DUI. This is their main win in the first round, along with Gostivar. We go to the second round in five other municipalities, and I believe that we can expand the number of cities led by...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:48

Excesses of the SDSM – DUI coalition in Ohrid gave the VMRO candidate an unlikely first round win

VMRO-DPMNE candidate Kiril Pecakov declared an unexpected first round win in the mayoral race in Ohrid. His supporters are already gathered in the center of the historic city to celebrate. All of Ohrid clearly gave the support for VMRO-DPMNE, doctor Pecakov said, adding that he enjoys a wide lead over...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:33

Silegov and Danela Arsovska tied in the race for Skopje, will go to a run-off

The biggest race of the evening – the one for Mayor of Skopje – will likely be resolved in the second round two weeks later between the SDSM incumbent Petre Silegov and the independent candidate Danela Arsovska, who is supported by VMRO-DPMNE. Initial results show that the two are evenly...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:26

Karpos a rare bright spot for SDSM in a horrible election night

One bright spot for SDSM in a dismal night is their lead in Skopje’s Karpos district. Their candidate Dusko Veskovski, who is running after the incumbent Mayor Stefan Bogoev withdrew from the race, is expected to have a comfortable lead against the VMRO candidate Oliver Zafirovski and the GROM...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:20

Arben Taravari declares he won re-election in Gostivar

Alliance of Albanians candidate doctor Arben Taravari announced that he won re-election in the first round of the elections. Taravari again faced off against Nevzat Bejta from DUI. He won the support of VMRO-DPMNE in the majority Albanian city, a part of the broader coalition agreement between the opposition...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 22:17

LIVE STREAM: VMRO-DPMNE celebrates its election victory

VMRO-DPMNE supporters are gathering in front of the party’s main office, with music in tow, to celebrate what looks like a major victory for the party in the local elections. VMRO looks set to win at least two dozen municipalities in the first round of the election, including some major gains such...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:57

Wave election – VMRO won in Stip, Veles, Prilep and much of Skopje

VMRO-DPMNE is on the verge of a wave election as the list of major cities and municipalities where the party won in the first round continues to grow. Stip is added to the list – it was considered a very difficult race for the opposition due to the popularity of the incumbent SDSM Mayor Sasko Nikolov....

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:48

SDSM expects to win Kumanovo in the second round against their renegade Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski

Out of the three way race in Kumanovo, SDSM expects that their candidate Oliver Ilievski will advance to the second round, likely behind the incumbent Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski. Dimitrievski was elected on the SDSM ticket in 2017, but his relations with Zoran Zaev and especially Zaev’s Interior...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:43

DUI declares victory over SDSM in Aracinovo

Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi announced that the DUI party took back Aracinovo, the important municipality east of Skopje, from SDSM. SDSM won there in 2017, in a rare upset where they ran an ethnic Albanian candidate Milkije Halimi. According to Grubi, the DUI candidate Ridvan Ibraimi won beat both...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:26

VMRO candidate Jordanov takes the lead in Stip

Ivan Jordanov, the VMRO-DPMNE candidate for Mayor of Stip, who faced a tough campaign against the incumbent mayor doctor Sasko Nikolov, has a lead of 2,500 votes, the opposition party informed. According to the initial results, Jordanov won 7,000 votes, against 4,550 for Nikolov, with 50 percent of the...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:23

Skopje: VMRO-DPMNE expects to win in Gazi Baba in the first round

Another of the major municipalities in Skopje, Gazi Baba, was added to the list where VMRO-DPMNE expects a win in the first round. VMRO candidate Boban Stefkovski stands against hte SDSM incumbent Boris Georgievski.

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:17

VMRO-DPMNE candidates declare victory in Aerodrom

VMRO-DPMNE candidates are already celebrating an election win in Skopje’s Aerodrom district. The crucial urban bellwether area saw the VMRO international secretary Timco Mucunski face off against SDSM’s member of Parliament and heir to an oligarchic family Aleksandar Filipovski – Cande. We...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:13

Initial results: SDSM expects to win outright in four smaller municipalities

SDSM is lagging behind VMRO-DPMNE in announcing wins in the local election. While VMRO already claimed Aerodrom, Kisela Voda, Gjorce Petrov and Gazi Baba – all significant municipalities in Skopje and the city of Prilep, SDSM is briefing the press that it has an outright win in several smaller...

Macedonia 17.10.21 | 21:09

Gjorce Petrov added to the list of major VMRO gains

Gjorce Petrov joined in the list of major municipalities where the VMRO-DPMNE candidate is expected to win over the SDSM incumbent. Doctor Aleksandar Stojkoski declared a victory in the first round of the elections on his Facebook page. Anecdotal initial results show that his opponent Aleksandar Naumovski,...

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