Saturday, 27 November 2021
Macedonia 27.11.21 | 20:24

Kovacevski confirmed he will run for SDSM party leader, expects to get support from Sekerinska and from Crvenkovski’s faction

Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Kovacevski confirmed that he will run for leader of the SDSM party, after Zoran Zaev, who is on his way out, endorsed the little known former telecom executive. The party is now accepting candidacies, and anyone who has been an SDSM member for more than five years, and...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 20:15

Corona report: 15 deaths, including a 37 year old from Kavadarci

The Healthcare Ministry reported 15 coronavirus deaths over the past day. The youngest of the deceased was a 37 year old patient from Kavadarci, and the list includes one person in the 40ies and two in their 50ies. The total death toll of the pandemic is now estimated at 5,288. The Ministry also reported...

Economy 27.11.21 | 16:42

Energy crisis: Zaev pins hopes on a large, French funded solar project

Zoran Zaev announced in a Facebook comment that the French Akuo Energy company will fund a large solar energy project near Stip. According to Zaev, the Stipion project will supply 116,000 households with its installed 350-400 MW capacity. It should begin to get online in 2022. This is the second large...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:37

DUI again calls on Zaev to remain as Prime Minister until he resolves the dispute with Bulgaria

Zaev’s First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi again reiterated that Zoran Zaev needs to remain as leader of the Government. DUI rejected Zaev’s resignation as soon as he announced it, and the party continues to point out that it has an arrangement with Zaev, either as a way to push him to...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:29

Kumanovo Mayor Dimitrievski angry as SDSM did not invite him to the meeting to formalize Zaev’s resignation

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski protested the fact that the SDSM party did not invite him to the meeting of its Central Board yesterday evening. Dimitrievski considers himself as still a member of the party, despite his confrontation with Zoran Zaev and his Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski during...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:10

Bus disaster: Prosecutors interrogated the owner of the Besa company

This morning prosecutors questioned Bedri Haxhiku, owner of the Besa Trans company, whose bus crashed in Bulgaria on Tuesday morning with loss of 45 lives. Haxhiku is available to both Macedonian and Bulgarian prosecutors, who hold the lead in the investigation. Macedonian prosecutors supplied their...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 16:00

Nikoloski: Zaev could not delay his resignation indefinitely

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski called into a radio program with member of Parliament Kastriot Rexhepi, whose disappearance on the day of the vote of no confidence against the Zaev Government sabotaged the opposition’s attempt. Your BESA party was the main instigator of the vote....

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 12:37

VMRO: Zaev is trying to appoint a new SDSM leader who will cover up his crimes and corruption

Zoran Zaev is trying to appoint an heir who will cover up for his crimes and corruption, said VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki in the first reaction following Zaev’s resignation. Zaev endorsed little known Deputy Finance Minister Dimitar Kovacevski as the next SDSM leader and will try to have...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 12:31

Coalition partners in Bulgaria will hold public discussions on the dispute with Macedonia

Bulgarian parties that are in talks to form the new ruling coalition will include the dispute with Macedonia as one of the topics where they need to align their positions. The parties, which include three protest movements and the BSP socialist party, will open their talks on foreign policy in the coming...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 12:09

Besa bus disaster: Two of the survivors will be discharged from hospital

Two of the seven survivors of the devastating Besa bus accident will be discharged today from the Pirogov hospital in Sofia. Bulgarian doctors operated on the survivors, who had burns, smoke inhalation and fractures, sustained during the fire and their frantic escape from the bus. One of those that are...

Economy 27.11.21 | 12:05

Strike: Railroad traffic remains paralyzed

Train lines remain suspended across Macedonia, due to the strike of railway workers. The union called the strike after the salaries were late again. Workers demand that they receive the second half of their due October salary, which was due on the 25th. Union representative Dusko Cakarovski said that...

World 27.11.21 | 11:49

Worries grow over the Omicron strain of the coronavirus

The World Health Organization named the new coronavirus strain, which originated in South Africa, the Omicron strain, and warned that it is highly transmissible. The United States and a number of EU countries are restricting travel from South Africa and other parts of Africa, in an attempt to slow the...

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 11:45

Zaev is trying to appoint Kovacevski as the next Prime Minister

With his resignation formally activated yesterday, Zoran Zaev is now trying to appoint Dimitar Kovacevski as the next party leader and possibly future Prime Minister. Zaev is hoping that once Kovacevski is elected party leader, he will be asked to form a new Government by President Stevo Pendarovski....

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 11:44

Cold front expected next week

Weather forecasters expect rains in the coming days, and snow in the mountains. A cold front is expected on Tuesday, when temperatures will drop significantly. Citizens can expect strong northern winds and snow during next week.

Macedonia 27.11.21 | 11:09

Zaev’s resignation is finally activated, SDSM will elect a new leader in two weeks

The SDSM party Central Board accepted Zoran Zaev’s resignation as party leader. In a meeting that started yesterday evening and lasted well into the night, Zaev finally activated his announced resignation, which he postponed several times. Party sources briefed the press that all officials at a...

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