Wednesday, 8 December 2021
Macedonia 08.12.21 | 22:55

Drug raid in Skopje nets 200 kilograms of marijuana

Police units in Skopje are conducting a large scale drug raid this evening. According to the initial media reports, 200 kilograms of marijuana have been seized and a number of arrests are made. Details are still scarce, and more information is expected tomorrow.

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 22:52

Nikoloski: Zaev’s coalition deal to open court cases proves his long practice of interference in the judiciary

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski said that the new coalition agreement between Zoran Zaev and Afrim Gashi, which includes a provision that the Government will reopen a number of ethnically divisive criminal cases – one of which was adjudicated twice already – is proof that the...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 22:37

Bulgarian Government confirms that it will block Macedonia’s EU accession talks at the European Council next week

The Bulgarian Government will not change its position to maintain its veto against Macedonia’s EU accession talks, the BGNES news agency reports, citing sources in the interim Government. Macedonia is hoping that it could be allowed to open its accession talks during the European Council meeting...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:52

Zaev congratulates Olaf Scholz on being named German Chancellor

Zoran Zaev congratulated to Olaf Scholz on being appointed Chancellor of Germany. In his message, Zaev noted the fact that Scholz comes from the German social-democratic SPD party, which is allied with SDSM. – Sincere congratulations to the new German Chancellor, the social-democrat Olaf Scholz....

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:37

Mickoski and Nikoloski met with German Ambassador Holstein

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski and his deputy Aleksandar Nikoloski met today with the German Ambassador to Macedonia Anke Holstein. The meeting comes as a new, SPD led Government is being sworn in in Berlin.

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:27

Kosovo official will visit the Skopje prison, but it’s unclear whether he will meet with members of the jailed terrorist group

Uncertainty clouds the visit of Kosovan Deputy Justice Minister Blerim Salahu to Macedonia planned for tomorrow, after he announced that he intends to visit the group of Albanian terrorists jailed for the 2015 attack on the city of Kumanovo, in which they killed eight Macedonian police officers. The...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:20

Bulgarian historian angry after Russia congratulated Macedonia on the day of St. Clement of Ohrid

Macedonia and many other Orthodox Christian countries, Bulgarian included, honor St. Clement of Ohrid today – one of the key disciples of Ss. Cyril and Methodius who is credited with codifying the Cyrillic alphabet and helping spread Christianity among the Slavic world. But the celebration this...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:05

Popova Sapka: Ski season begins on December 15

The Popova Sapka center – one of the two main ski resorts in Macedonia – announced that it will begin the new season on December 15th, with two days of free skiing. ELEM Tours, a branch of the ELEM state owned energy company that manages the center, said that it has invested a lot in the...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 19:01

Corona report: 14 deaths, 419 new cases

The Healthcare Ministry informed that 14 patients died of the coronavirus infection over the past day. The Ministry also informed that 419 cases were newly diagnosed – out of 3,285 tests that were conducted.

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 15:23

MCIC: Citizens are not optimistic that corruption will decrease in the future

Corruption is the biggest problem for the citizens who are not optimistic that it will decrease in the future. According to citizens, judges, ministers, MPs, mayors and prosecutors are the most corrupt, according to a corruption assessment survey conducted by the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 15:16

VMRO-DPMNE: Buckovski with his views just admitted that Zaev is the weakest link

Buckovski talks about uncertainty, while the Government is sure that we have just not received a date for negotiations, said VMRO-DPMNE. With the same narrative as Zaev two years ago, Buckovski is trying to instill insecurity in the public and citizens by announcing uncertainty about the country, which,...

Economy 08.12.21 | 14:24

The other side of the story about the “strategic projects” with photovoltaic power plants announced by Zoran Zaev

The energy public in Macedonia, but also every citizen is rightly concerned about the price of electricity in the coming period, writes the “Bregalnicki” news portal, adding that the state of Macedonia is brought to a state of energy subordination that encroaches on the sovereignty and constitutional...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 11:11

Nikoloski meets Sorre and Tanguy in Paris: The friendship between our two countries is great and needs to be enhanced

During his visit to Paris, VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski met with Bertrand Sorre, chair of the Macedonia-France cooperation group, as well as Lillana Tanguy, vice chair of the same group. The friendship between our two countries is great and needs to be enhanced. Macedonia deserves a...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 11:05

Buckovski: Zaev remains prime minister only to resolve the issue with Bulgaria

“If we do not resolve the issue now, while Zaev is prime minister, we will enter a new uncertainty,” the Macedonian government’s special envoy to Bulgaria, Vlado Buckovski, told Deutsche Welle. We will lose a lot of time again, and we no longer have time to wait! We have been waiting...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 11:01

It’s been three weeks and the government still has no answers, no responsibility for the bus accident in which 45 people lost their lives

It’s been three weeks since the fatal bus accident in which 45 people tragically lost their lives, and the government of SDSM and DUI has no answer as to how it is possible for a bus without a license to leave the border 140 times, said  VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday. The Ministry of Interior and Customs...

Macedonia 08.12.21 | 10:54

Both the Government and the History Commission are silent about what they agreed on the “common” St. Clement of Ohrid, while Bulgaria celebrates “the great Bulgarian holiday”

Today’s great Macedonian holiday, “St. Clement of Ohrid”, the celebration of the Macedonian saint, our greatest educator and teacher, one of the students of Saints Cyril and Methodius who participated in the Moravian mission – is also celebrated in Bulgaria but as a day of Bulgarian...

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