Friday, 14 January 2022
Macedonia 14.01.22 | 22:54

Dimitrov: My position on Osmani is from my personal testimony and information from ministers and ambassadors of EU countries

After Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Nikola Dimitrov told a news conference on Wednesday that he did not trust Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in terms of building positions in the negotiations with Bulgaria, he said on Alsat TV’s “360 Degrees” show that he had is based...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 22:21

Dimitrov says he hasn’t kept silent at all, fought battle while in government

Outgoing Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov said he didn’t regret at all his views expressed during Wednesday’s press conference, adding that he has neither kept silent at all even while in the government. I was not so open, because I was fighting the battle inside, Dimitrov said in an...

Economy 14.01.22 | 21:32

Bytyqi – Bekteshi: Heating issue resolved, uninterrupted delivery to households by end of season

The issue with the supply of heating in Skopje has been resolved. Households will have uninterrupted delivery of heating energy by the end of the heating season, Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi and Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi told a joint press conference on Friday. Bytyqi said that...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 21:00

Macedonia temporarily takes in another 67 Afghan citizens

A group of 67 Afghan citizens, employees of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) as well as their family members, arrived at the Skopje International Airport on Friday. Continuing its active role as a solidarity country, Macedonia provided them with a...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 20:05

Germany adds Macedonia back to COVID-19 ‘high risk’ list

Germany has added Macedonia back to the list of COVID-19 ‘high risk’ countries. As of Sunday, people traveling to Germany face stricter entry rules, i.e. unvaccinated travelers arriving in the country and people who haven’t been infected with the virus have to quarantine for up to 10 days, MIA’s...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 19:57

1,732 new Covid-19 cases, 13 patients died, including a baby

Out of 6,928 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 1,732 new cases were registered, 204 of which got infected for the second time and 7 patients passed away, the Health Ministry said on Friday. The Ministry also added 6 deaths (aged 0 to 91) to the report. Since the outbreak of...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 18:38

VMRO-DPMNE: Kovacevski has shown that he plans to work only as the long arm of Zoran Zaev

The government of Zaev’s pawn, Kovacevski is a government without legitimacy with old staff who were defeated by the citizens in the elections. Kovacevski showed that he plans to work only as an extended arm of Zoran Zaev, ie that Zaevism continues with Kovacevski’s government. In the government...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 17:48

Constitutional Court left with only five judges

The nine-year term of the constitutional judge Jovan Josifovski ends today, informs the Constitutional Court. He was elected a judge of the Constitutional Court on December 24, 2012, and his employment began on January 14, 2013. Judge Josifovski contributed with his active participation in the work...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 15:28

Bulgaria is trying to portray all Communist era dissidents in Macedonia as Bulgarians

Even as the governments in Sofia and Skopje keep hidden their recent exchanges on a number of historic demands, PressingTV reports that the Bulgarian demands include an attempt to write the narrative on the Communist era persecution of dissidents in former Yugoslavia, and to declare all who were arrested...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 15:15

Wild boars are destroying farms near Kocani

The ban on boar hunting in the region of Kocani, that was put in place because of the outbreak of African swine fever, is causing significant damage to farmers. Corn and potato farms in the villages of Vidoviste and Teranci were destroyed by the animals, and locals say that even their domestic animals...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 15:11

Corona report: 340 patients are hospitalized, 81 percent of them are not vaccinated

The Healthcare Ministry informs that there are currently 340 patients hospitalized with Covid. Of them, 81 are unvaccinated. The Ministry informs that pressure on the public healthcare system has been reduced during the past few weeks in terms of hospitalizations, but there is an increase in patients...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 15:03

US Embassy in Sofia denies reports that it raised the issue of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria

The US Embassy in Bulgaria issued a statement on how the recent comment from US official Gabriel Escobar was received in Bulgaria. In a Voice of America interview, Escobar was cited as saying that “the US and the US Embassy in Sofia are working with the Bulgarian Government on the issues of respecting...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 14:43

Energy crisis: One of the REK Bitola generators is down again

Generator bloc 3 of the REK Bitola coal plant is again offline, informs Stevce Antovski from the VMRO-DPMNE party’s energy commission. The public was not informed of the defect, which is likely linked to the suspicious fire that broke out in November and knocked out a relay station. Repairing this...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 13:05

More blackmail: Mitsotakis says that Greece will use its leverage in the EU to correct mistakes made in the Prespa Treaty

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that Greece will use the accession process to make “corrections” in the implementation of the Prespa Treaty with Macedonia, signaling that Macedonia can expect new demands and conditions as it waits to open its EU accession talks. Mitsotakis opposed...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 12:58

VMRO calls on the small coalition parties to stop protecting SDSM and DUI

VMRO-DPMNE called on the LDP, DOM and DS parties to stop providing support and cover to SDSM and their criminal Government. The three parties today announced that they will vote for the proposed Dimitar Kovacevski Government, but will withdraw their support in three months unless a key change in the...

Economy 14.01.22 | 12:53

15 companies fined for opening their stores on Sunday

Labour inspectors issued the first 15 fines to companies who did not respect the new law mandating that most stores are closed on Sundays. Of the nearly 50 stores that were inspected this weekend, 15 were fined, including one where an unregistered worker was found.

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 11:20

SDSM’s smaller coalition partners will support the Kovacevski Government, but could bring it down in three months

A group of smaller political parties, currently allied with SDSM, say that they will support the proposed Dimitar Kovacevski Government, but will bring it down in three months unless their key event for changes to the electoral system is met. The parties want the current six electoral districts scrapped,...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 11:03

Energy crisis: Starting this weekend, much of Skopje could be left without heating

Hundreds of thousands of citizens of Skopje face uncertainty whether they will receive heating tomorrow. BEG, the biggest central heating provider in the city, announced that it only has cash reserves for today, and can’t go on buying natural gas at the greatly increased market prices. The company,...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 10:50

French Ambassador pours cold water on hopes for speedy opening of EU accession talks

During his presentation of the priorities of the French presidency of the European Union, Ambassador Cyrille Baumbartner made it clear that Macedonia can’t expect the opening of EU accession talks in the foreseable time. Baumgartner kept going to the major problems that the EU faces, such as the...

Macedonia 14.01.22 | 10:26

Another aftershock hits Bitola

A new aftershock struck the area of Bitola this morning. The earthquake hit around 3:40 and measured 2.8 degrees on the Richter scale. It comes five days after an earthquake measuring 5.6 degrees hit the region, causing panic among the citizens.

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