Wednesday, 19 January 2022
Macedonia 19.01.22 | 23:05

Citizens urged to switch to more secure masks

Immunologist Aleksandar Petlickovski warned citizens not to drop their guard ahead of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, saying that while it may be less severe than previous strains, there is no guarantee how the organism will react. Petlickovski, who heads the Immunology Institute in Skopje, called...

Balkans 19.01.22 | 22:59

Logar: Slovenia calls for integration of the Balkans in the EU

Slovenian Foreign Minister Anze Logar urged to have the remaining Balkan countries integrated in the European Union, calling it an outcome that is important for the strategic position of the EU in the world. Logar also pointed to the benefits Slovenian companies would have if the Balkans join the EU. Until...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 18:44

Underage girl raped near Probistip

An underage girl from a village near Probistip was reportedly raped on Friday. The assault was reported by her mother, who said that a 27 year old man from the area of Kratovo attacked her daughter. Prosecutors have been notified and the allegation is being investigated.

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 18:25

Corona wave: Number of daily newfound cases surpassed 2,000, Macedonia is close to 20,000 active cases

The number of newly diagnosed coronavirus cases jumped by 2,051 today – out of just 6,353 tests, showing that the new wave of the illness is intensifying. The number of active cases is now racing toward 20,000, a number which will likely be reached with tomorrow’s report. The Healthcare Ministry...

News 19.01.22 | 17:12

Borisov mocks Petkov’s “success” in securing a statement from Macedonia that it doesn’t have territorial claims against Bulgaria

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov responded with mockery to the outcome of new PM Kiril Petkov’s visit to Macedonia. Petkov and his host, Dimitar Kovacevski, announced that they have agreed to resolve one of the Bulgarian objections raised block Macedonia’s opening of its EU accession...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 17:01

Message of unity and defiance sent from the Epiphany gathering in Skopje

A dozen participants and hundreds of faithful who gathered for the Epiphany celebration in downtown Skopje today used the gathering to send out a political message to the Zaev-Kovacevski regime. The hand-selected participants in the traditional retrieving of the cross for the waters of the Vardar river...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 16:55

Besa bus disaster: Bulgarian prosecutors have completed their investigation

Bulgarian prosecutors completed their investigation in the disastrous Besa Trans bus disaster that occurred in late November, and killed 46 people. Prosecutor Sijka Mileva said that the have a very large amount of evidence that will help determine the truth. Earlier in the investigation Bulgarian authorities...

Balkans 19.01.22 | 15:57

Instead of date, Macron pledged Balkan EU membership within reasonable time

French President Emmanuel Macron, in his speech before the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where he presented the priorities of the French EU presidency, reiterated that the Western Balkans “by their geography and history, as well as by the promise of the future it brings are at the heart of...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 14:53

The Holy Cross in Skopje was retrieved by all Epiphany participants

On the occasion of the Epiphany holiday, Archbishop Stefan lowered from the Sloboda Bridge near the Holiday Inn hotel the Holy Cross into the Vardar as part of this year’s Great Theophany Blessing of Water Epiphany tradition for believers to retrieve. The Holy Cross in Skopje was captured by all believers...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 14:22

Martin Godzhoski retrieves Lake Ohrid cross

Martin Godzhoski from Varos is the believer who among the participating 100 swimmers retrieved the Holy Cross after it was placed into the waters of Ohrid Lake on Wednesday morning. I’ve been jumping into the lake for almost ten years now trying to catch the cross. It was my great wish to catch it,...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 12:54

Mickoski called for snap elections without a technical government

The government is afraid and runs away from early parliamentary elections, although they should take place as soon as possible, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski, answering a reporter’s question during today’s visit to Ohrid, emphasizing that the idea is rejected by the artificial...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 12:02

Preselected 10 swimmers will be retrieving cross in Vardar river

The Macedonian Orthodox Church tradition to bless the water on Epiphany, today’s religious holiday in Macedonia, and lower a cross in the Vardar with believers retrieving it afterward will be held with a preselected ten swimmers who had previously taken part in the event, according to priest Boban...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 11:44

Mickoski in Ohrid: Early parliamentary elections to be held as soon as possible

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski today attended the central event in Ohrid on the throwing of the Holy Cross in the waters of Lake Ohrid, where he again called for early parliamentary elections. SDSM runs away from the answer if they take place. We are ready to submit to the Parliament the amendments...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 11:19

Mickoski: May the Epiphany holiday bring peace, tranquility, good health and prosperity to all

VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski has sent an Epiphany greeting to the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric, Metropolitan of Skopje, Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, H.H. Stefan and all Orthodox believers, with wishes for peace, tranquility, good health and prosperity for...

Macedonia 19.01.22 | 11:10

Orthodox faithful celebrate Epiphany

Believers are celebrating Epiphany, one of the holiest days for Orthodox Christians and a religious public holiday in Macedonia, the feast in honor of Christ’s baptism in the river Jordan. The Macedonian Orthodox Church will hold its traditional Great Theophany Blessing of Water event near Skopje’s...

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