Saturday, 14 May 2022
Macedonia 14.05.22 | 22:07

Serbian Orthodox Church expected to recognize the Macedonian Orthodox Church tomorrow

The Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church will meet tomorrow to discuss the decision of the Ecumenical Patriarch to acknowledge the Macedonian church as part of the Orthodox churches. It’s expected that the Serbian church, which has insisted for decades that the Macedonian Orthodox Church must return...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 20:27

Macedonia and Bulgaria call off planned joint meeting of the two governments

Macedonia has called off the planned joint meeting of the Government with Bulgaria, that was supposed to take place on May 22nd. Prime Minister Kovacevski said that conditions are not met for this. Relations took a turn to the worse, in a very sensitive period ahead of the crucial June European Council....

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 20:02

44 migrants from Pakistan detained near Gevgelija

A group of 44 illegal migrants from Pakistan were detained near Gevgelja yesterday evening. The group crossed over from Greece. They are being processed in the Gevgelija migrant transit center.

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 19:45

France would welcome opening EU accession talks with Macedonia if a deal is made with Bulgaria

French Foreign Minister Yves le Drian, who met with Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, assured Macedonia that the current President of the rotating EU Presidency is working toward a balanced and mutually acceptable compromise between Macedonia and Bulgaria. Osmani said that, if a deal is struck,...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 17:52

Karakacanov accuses Petkov of preparing a betrayal of Bulgaria

Bulgarian nationalist politician Krasimir Karakachanov is accusing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov of preparing a national betrayal around May 24th, when the two countries honor Ss. Cyril and Methodius. According to Karakacanov, Petkov is preparing to disregard the unanimous declaration of the Bulgarian...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 15:41

SDSM re-elects Marko Mihailoski as head of its youth organization

SDSM re-elected Marko Mihailoski as the leader of its youth wing – the SDMM. Party leader Kovacevski congratulated to Mihailoski. “I encourage the young to be active, loud, to act and to lead us to a better future with their youth activism. I expect to see more action, more energy from you,...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 14:41

VMRO will soon announce its next steps in its campaign to ensure early elections

VMRO-DPMNE will soon announce the second and third step in its push to force early elections. The party is already blocking almost all legislation in Parliament. On Monday we will hold a meeting of the Executive Committee. We will discuss our next two steps. This is a strategy that will last a long time,...

Economy 14.05.22 | 14:33

Croatia will introduce the euro as its official currency

Croatia adopted a law that will introduce the euro as its official currency. The vote was passed with 117 in favor and only 13 opposed. The law provides that the euro will become the official currency of Croatia starting on January 1st 2023. The kuna will be replaced by September that year and in the...

Balkans 14.05.22 | 13:37

Erdogan may block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO

Turkey announced it has issues with expanding NATO to include Finland and Sweden. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that both these countries harbor terror organizations and do not cooperate with Turkey in fighting terrorism. He is referring to Kurdish groups as well as the FETO organization...

Economy 14.05.22 | 12:45

Powerful DUI official wants to change the recently adopted law that restricted work on Sundays

The powerful DUI party boss in Struga Ramiz Merko is apparently lobbying hard in his party to overturn the recently adopted law that makes Sunday a day off for most businesses. The law ground much of the economy to a halt on Sundays, with only large shopping malls and essential businesses still open....

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 10:22

Is Ruskoska spreading untruths? Will there be accountability?

These are strange times we live in. Strange atmosphere, strange behavior, strange forms of persecution and strange manner of ruling the country. When someone is attacked by the Government, he is pilloried, attacked and criticized no matter what he does, even when the entire public can clearly see that...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 09:30

Storm expected today

Forecasters are warning about rain today, especially in the afternoon, with chances of thunder, strong winds and hail. Temperatures will range between 21 and 29 degrees at their peak.

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 08:58

Limani: I met with Mickoski to discuss how we can save our country from Ali Ahmeti’s crooks

Fatmir Limani, a political organizer from Kicevo who rebelled against his powerful uncle Ali Ahmeti and ran a separate campaign in the local elections last year, met with VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski. Limani has since joined the BESA party, and BESA leader and Tetovo Mayor Bilal Kasami was...

Macedonia 14.05.22 | 08:52

Teachers union hopes a deal will be made by Tuesday

The Education Ministry and the SONK teachers’ union gave themselves until Tuesday to reach agreement in the wage hike negotiations. The strike will remain suspended until then. SONK leader Jakim Nedelkov said that there is still no certainty that they will reach a deal. Education Minister Jeton...

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