Sunday, 15 May 2022
Macedonia 15.05.22 | 23:05

Petkov sees Macedonia in the EU – but only in the long term

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said that all in his country are agreed that Macedonia should be in the EU – in the long term. All Bulgarians know that the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia need to be protected. Our point is to be rid of the political rhetoric and to get to work. I expect...

Macedonia 15.05.22 | 22:47

Nikoloski: Tomorrow VMRO will announce its next, tougher steps

VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski announced that the party will determine its next steps in the political blockade tomorrow. The opposition party is currently blocking almost all legislation, as it demands early general elections. Tomorrow the Executive Committee of the party will meet and...

Macedonia 15.05.22 | 22:22

Alternative party re-elects Gashi as its leader but its rift deepens

The Alternative party re-elected its leader Afrim Gashi for another therm. The party was part of the opposition, in coalition with the Alliance of Albanians, but after the failed vote of no confidence against Zaev in November, Gashi moved the party to the ruling majority. The congress held today revealed...

World 15.05.22 | 15:39

Zelenskyy says the next Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Mariupol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that the next Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the city of Mariupol, that was captured by Russian forces after a difficult and destructive siege. Ukraine won the competition yesterday on the back of European solidarity over the war. Zelenskyy said...

Macedonia 15.05.22 | 14:47

Goran Misovski – only candidate for leader of the NSDP party

The NSDP party decided to nominate Goran Misovski as the only candidate for leader, to succeed after the retirement of Tito Petkovski. Misovski was selected by a majority of party delegates.

Macedonia 15.05.22 | 12:44

Petkov calls off his visit to Macedonia as the Bulgarian veto policy remains in effect

Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said that he will not visit Macedonia, as was expected in late May, there is some kind of an agreement on the position of the Bulgarian minority in Macedonia. There won’t be a visit soon, because we don’t have a document that we can work on, on the basis of the...

World 15.05.22 | 11:19

Ukraine wins Eurovision

In an outpouring of solidarity, European voters gave Ukraine the win at the Eurovision Song Contest. Kalush Orchestra’s song Stefania did not do well in the jury selection, but was the overwhelming choice of the voters.

Economy 15.05.22 | 10:39

Government plans to issue a 600 million EUR bond?

Telma TV reports that the Government plans to issue another large euro denominated bond. According to their reports, the bond may reach as high as 600 million EUR and will be issued soon. This would be on top of the 900 million EUR the Government is seeking from the International Monetary Fund. And with...

Macedonia 15.05.22 | 10:18

New poll shows VMRO with a nearly double lead over SDSM

A poll conducted by the IPSOS agency, for VMRO-DPMNE, shows that the ruling party leads SDSM by almost a double margin -22 to 12.9 percent. The 1,000 polled citizens were asked to rank the parties, but discount their current coalition partners – SDSM relies on a dozen of smaller ethnic and single...

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