Tuesday, 17 May 2022
Macedonia 17.05.22 | 22:12

Government and teachers’ union settle on a 15 percent wage increase

The Government and the SONK teachers’ union reached agreement on a 15 percent wage increase. This will end the threat of renewal of the school strike. This is in line with the state of the budget. We were met with full understanding and the wages for April will be paid in full, said SONK President...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 21:19

State prosecutors not overly interested to investigate allegations that the DUI party is using schools to mine crypto

State prosecutors are ignoring the warning from Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians party, that schools ran by principals appointed by the DUI party, are used to mine crypto currencies. Using public institutions to mine crypto became a rampant problem. Corrupt officials are installing mining...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 21:15

IRL: Study ordered by corrupt Government official helped former Deputy Prime Minister Angjusev enter a lucrative solar deal

IRL reports that disgraced former Secretary General in the Government Dragi Raskovski, approved a study that influenced the outcome of a large solar project. The project, centered on the now largely depleted TEC Oslomej coal mine and plant, was meant to be ran by the state owned ELEM/ESM company. But...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 18:58

Police union calls for a monument to the officers that fell in the battle for Kumanovo

The SPM police union came out in support of the initiative to build a monument to the eight Macedonian police officers killed in battle with Albanian terrorists in Kumanovo during the attack on May 9th 2015. The initiative came from Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski and Kumanovo council members, after in the...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 16:48

Ana Brnabic will visit Macedonia

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic will visit Macedonia tomorrow. She will meet with Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and will attend a conference on regional cooperation, held under the Macedonia 2025 summit.

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 14:46

Bulgarian nationalist threw away the wreath a Macedonian organization laid on the grave of Jane Sandanski

Bulgarian nationalist activist Viktor Kanzurov threw away the wreath laid by Macedonian activists on the grave of Jane Sandansk in Melnik on the anniversary of the killing of the legendary VMRO commander. The wreath from OMO Ilinden goes in the trash, Kanzurov wrote on his Facebook page as he and his...

World 17.05.22 | 12:45

Hundreds of Azov fighters have surrendered, are being evacuated

A group of about 250 Ukrainian nationalist fighters, from the Azov battalion and other units that held out deep in the Azovstal plant, have surrendered to the Russian forces after protracted negotiations. The group includes those with worst injuries, who will receive treatment as prisoners of war. They...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 12:30

Sela congratulates his former coalition partner Gashi, but reminds him that he accomplished nothing in the Government

Ziadin Sela, leader of the Alliance of Albanians, congratulated to his former coalition partner Afrim Gashi, on his re-election as leader of the Alternative party. Sela did remind Gashi, though, that he did not accomplish much of the promises he made when he left the opposition group and joined with...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 11:36

Bulgarian Foreign Minister calls on Prime Minister Petkov to stop undermining her position on Macedonia

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Gencovska told the press in a briefing that even if Macedonia amends its Constitution to include the Bulgarian minority, it will not be enough to lift the veto, and called on her own Prime Minister Kiril Petkov to stop pursuing a separate foreign policy. Gencovska is...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 11:16

VMRO-DPMNE: Kovacevski can’t even dare rebuke Speaker Xhaferi for his outrageous actions

Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski has refused to rebuke Speaker Talat Xhaferi, after a leaked audio tape revealed his torrent of abuse at Parliament staffers. Even for a country generally not shy about using profanities, Xhaferi’s shouting off the charts, not to mention that it occurred in the...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 11:00

Silence is not an option, VMRO-DPMNE says as the party announces a large protest on June 18

VMRO-DPMNE announced a large protest rally on June 18th. This is one of the decisions the party’s Executive Committee reached this evening, as it discussed its next steps in the political crisis in Macedonia. The conservative party demands early elections after the long string of failures and national...

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 10:44

Young woman from Macedonia dies in workplace accident in Denmark

A 22 year old woman from Macedonia tragically died in Denmark. She was killed at a school, where she worked operated a washing mashing when an accident happened. The woman was rushed to hospital with serious injuries, but did not make it.

Macedonia 17.05.22 | 10:11

DUI considering early elections if Macedonia is not given green light to start its EU accession talks in June

Albanian language news site KD Politik reports that the DUI party could opt for early elections if Macedonia remains blocked by Bulgaria in the EU accession process after the European Council in June. The odds of Bulgaria lifting the veto next month appear slim at the moment. Between the opposition’s...

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