Saturday, 21 May 2022
Macedonia 21.05.22 | 22:14

Tetovo: Boy drowned in the river Pena

Tragedy struck in Tetovo, as a six year old boy drowned in the river Pena. The boy was playing in the yard of the family house, which is close to the river, when he slipped and fell in teh stream. His mother jumped after him but could not reach him, and herself was only saved by the efforts of two neighbors. The...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 21:14

Fire in an elite hotel in Skopje

Fire broke out in the elite Bushi hotel in Skopje’s Old Bazaar this afternoon. Paramedics are at the scene and helped several people who suffered from smoke inhalation, while firefighters worked to help evacuate guests from the inaccessible hotel. There are no reports of serious injuries so far.

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 19:43

Andonovski: VMRO-DPMNE will continue to block harmful legislation in Parliament

VMRO-DPMNE official Stefan Andonovski said that the party will continue to block legislation in Parliament when it finds it harmful to Macedonian interests. The strategy of “active blockade” of the legislative work is meant to force early elections. The Government is trying to push through...

Economy 21.05.22 | 18:39

VMRO-DPMNE: Proposed budget changes will only add to the inflation and the economic downturn

VMRO-DPMNE reacted to the changes to the 2022 budget, that are being proposed by the DUI – SDSM coalition. According to the opposition party, which is blocking what it refers to as “harmful legislation” in Parliament, the proposal would only add to the economic chaos and backsliding. Macedonia...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 18:23

Gencovska: Bulgaria’s position on Macedonia remains unchanged

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Teodora Gencovska said that that country’s position on Macedonia remains unchanged, meaning that the veto remains in place. She added that, given the latest initiative from President Radev, he has full right to convene the National Security Council of Bulgaria to discuss...

World 21.05.22 | 15:57

Orban and Vucic meet to prepare for the coming winter crisis

The leaders of Hungary and Serbia, Viktor Orban and Aleksandar Vucic, met in Novi Sad to discuss preparations for the coming winter, which both said will be among the most difficult in memory. Vucic said that Orban agreed to share some of their excess energy storage facilities to keep the reserves Serbia...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 14:52

Attempt to reconcile the feuding SDSM factions in Kumanovo failed

Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski was in talks with his former party SDSM to return to a high level position, in an attempt to heal the rift that developed last year, but the talks failed, Fokus reports. Dimitrievski took more than half of SDSM voters in their stronghold of Kumanovo with him, won the...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 13:56

VMRO-DPMNE calls on SDSM to explain their role in the visit of a Chechen delegation to Macedonia

VMRO-DPMNE official Dragan Kovacki called on the ruling SDSM – DUI coalition to explain the visit they organized for a group of Chechen officials – Putin loyalists. The visit happened late last year and was organized by Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, who is facing calls for resignation...

World 21.05.22 | 12:30

Last Ukrainian fighters in Azovstal surrender to the Russian forces

The last Ukrainian soldiers who were holed in the Azovstal steel works plant in Mariupol surrendered. Nearly 3,000 of the last active fighters there surrendered to the Russian forces over the past week, and now face trials or possible exchange for Russian prisoners of war. The group includes hard-core...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 11:06

Skopje woke up to burnt plastic smoke again

Following the huge Treska factory fire in mid April, another large factory fire affected the capital Skopje this morning. This time, the fire was centered in the old Komuna cardboard plant. The fire erupted at a warehouse used to store plastics. Nine firefighting vehicles were sent to put it under control,...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 10:28

Hopes for full EU membership evaporate with the latest Macron – Michel initiative

European Council President Charles Michel warned the Balkans states that they may lose out on the prospect of becoming full EU members, and fall in a broader category of associate members that was proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron. Michel is visiting some of the Balkan countries (not Macedonia)...

Macedonia 21.05.22 | 00:04

Mickoski: If we are a serious country, we must demand written guarantees from Bulgaria

A serious country must ask for written guarantees, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, regarding the current stage of negotiations with Bulgaria. The position of VMRO is that they will only supply the votes needed to amend the Constitution and include the Bulgarians in the preamble, if Bulgaria...

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