Monday, 4 July 2022
Macedonia 04.07.22 | 20:22

Tensions rise outside the government building- people demand resignation!

Tensions rise outside the government building! The citizens broke through the police cordon. They are chanting “Never North, only Macedonia”, resignation is being demanded! People are singing about the Goce race, about Macedonia. PHOTO AND VIDEO: REPUBLIKA

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 20:15

Lambe symbolically sets French proposal on fire: If my diagnosis is pyromania, your diagnosis is treason

If my diagnosis is a pyromania, your diagnosis is treason, singer Lambe Alabakovski told the authorities, who opened today’s protest against the French proposal with the Macedonian national anthem. Alabakovski said that the Prespa Agreement, the Agreement with Bulgaria and the French proposal...

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 20:10

People break through police cordon, enter government building yard

The Government got a big NO as a response to the acceptance of the French proposal by the crowd of people who broke through the police cordon. It is more intense today outside the government building, where the citizens have been protesting for several days against the signing of the disastrous French...

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 20:03

LIVE STREAM: Tens of thousands of citizens say NO to the government

Follow today’s nationwide protest against the French proposal live:

News Macedonia 04.07.22 | 16:26

MOC is against the French proposal, but does not go out to protest

The Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church has not discussee the new French proposal and has no position on the issue. Bishop Timotej confirmed this for “”. He also says that it is not the church’s job to go out on protests. We have not discussed the new proposal. It’s...

News Macedonia 04.07.22 | 16:14

Mickoski: I have information that the Government will make a decision tomorrow – let’s go out and say “no” to the French proposal

We have learned from our sources that the Government will make a decision on the French proposal tomorrow at a session, the leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, said today in a statement to the media. He called on the Macedonian people to come outside the government building and say...

News Macedonia 04.07.22 | 16:08

After Kasami, Sela also accepted the French proposal

I believe that Macedonia should continue on the path of European integration and there should be no other option for us as a country. There is no doubt and I think that AA is clear on the matter, said the leader of the Alliance for Albanians, Zijadin Sela, after today’s meeting in Skopje with Prime...

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 09:27

Byrnes: U.S. welcomes discussion on French proposal

The United States welcomes the discussion in Macedonia over the revised proposal for the start of the EU accession negotiations, says Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes.

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 08:21

Sela to meet Kovacevski to discuss French proposal

Within the framework of the so-called broad consultation on the French proposal for the start of accession negotiations of the Republic of Macedonia with the European Union, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski is set to meet today with the leader of the Alliance of Albanians, Zijadin Sela.

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 08:15

Dimitrievski calls on government coalition partners to say clearly and loudly whether by remaining in the government they support the proposal

In an interview with TV Sitel, Kumanovo mayor, Maksim Dimitrievski called on the small political entities, government coalition partners to come out publicly and state their position on whether by remaining in the government they also support the French proposal. Everyone is silent. I believe that in...

Macedonia 04.07.22 | 08:04

People stayed in front of the government building all night, protest resumes

Some of the citizens who protested against the French proposal stayed in front of the government building all night, and set up tents, while others came with their vehicles. The protest resumes today at 7 pm. A large number of citizens attended Sunday’s national protest held under the slogan “ULTIMATUM...

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