Friday, 9 December 2022
Macedonia 09.12.22 | 23:17

Infighting in SDSM over the Western criticism for their track record on corruption

Deputy Prime Minister Slavica Grkovska came out with strong criticism of chief prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski, who is running for a place on the Constitutional Court. Both Grkovska and Joveski are SDSM official and loyalist, so this rare public confrontation within the party over the disastrous state of...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 22:21

Young woman found dead in Skopje

A 31 year old woman from Skopje’s Micurin district was found dead yesterday evening. The victim, identified by the police as M.M., as found in her apartment. There were no visible signs of violence, but the police is investigating the case.

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 20:17

New head of the Judicial Council revealed as an SDSM party apparatchik

Following the surprising change at the helm of the Judicial Council, social media posts have surfaced revealing that the new head of this ostensibly independent and non-partisan institution is a partisan through and through. The Council has the power to appoint, dismiss and evaluate the work of judges....

Sport 09.12.22 | 19:30

Croatia stuns Brazil in the World Cup

Croatia made one of the biggest upsets of the Qatar World Cup today, as it eliminated Brazil from the quarter finals. Croatia fought hard to constrain the Brazilians through the game and did a good job of it, until Neymar scored a spectacular goal at the end of the first overtime. But the Croatian team...

News 09.12.22 | 19:09

Mickoski on the announced anti-corruption push: We can’t expect those who create the crime and corruption to lead the fight against them

VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski agreed with the conclusion of the US Ambassador that Macedonia faces an unacceptable level of corruption and accused the ruling coalition of being responsible for the situation. Crime and corruption are destroying our system. It’s an old problem of this Government!...

Economy 09.12.22 | 17:31

Inflation spiked to 19.5 percent in November

The State Statistics Bureau informed that inflation hit 19.5 percent in November. Macedonia has been unable to tackle the drop in purchasing power even after the Government instituted price caps and began to use public funds to purchase fuel. The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party noted that this is the highest...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 15:06

Bomb threats that paralyzed Skopje were fake, police informs

The Interior Ministry informs that all the reports about planted explosive devices across the capital Skopje that were received today were false. The so far unprecedented wave of threatening emails targeted the main transportation hub in Skopje, two shopping malls, a large residential building, an elementary...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 12:01

British Ambassador Lawson demands steps to fight corruption in Macedonia, says the problem is “getting worse, not better”

British Ambassador to Macedonia Matthew Lawson joined in the call of the US Ambassador Angela Aggeler that the country finally gets serious about fighting corruption. In a message he tweeted out on the Anti-Corruption Day, Lawson blamed the country of going in the wrong direction in this crucial issue. Recent...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 11:50

Shopping malls and the main transportation hub in Skopje are being evacuated after a wave of bomb threats

Skopje is hit by a wave of bomb threats. After schools had to be evacuated over the past month due to false threats whose source was never found out, now the threats are targeting shopping malls and key infrastructure. East Gate, Biser and Flatiron are among the shopping malls and residential centers...

Balkans 09.12.22 | 10:43

Tensions in Kosovo on the rise as police deploys in a majority Serbian part of the country

Tensions are on the rise in Kosovo again, after hundreds of Albanian police members entered the majority Serbian northern part of the city of Mitrovica. The Kosovan Government is trying to enforce a ban on the use of Serbian issued license plates in the northern parts of the country where the population...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 10:20

VMRO: US anti-corruption initiative is proof that the SDSM – DUI government is deeply corrupt

The very fact that foreigners are coming to clean up crime in Macedonia is the best evidence that the Government is corrupt, said the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party following the announcement by US Ambassador Angela Aggeler that a team from Washington is in Macedonia to determine which current office holders...

Macedonia 09.12.22 | 09:35

Skopje: Protesters will unblock two key intersections, but will continue to blockade the city hall

The two privately owned bus companies that are protesting in downtown Skopje are reducing the scope of their blockade that crippled the capital. Instead of blocking three key intersections, as they did for over a week, the blockade will be reduced to one location – in front of the city hall of...