Sunday, 19 March 2023
Culture 19.03.23 | 21:32

Manchevski’s ‘Kaymak’ screened at Sofia Film Festival

As part of a Milcho Manchevski retrospective, the 27th Sofia International Film Festival screened the Macedonian filmmaker’s latest release, “Kaymak” (2022). The Saturday evening screening was followed by a discussion during which Manchevski and the cast answered audience questions. Manchevski’s...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 21:07

Macedonian vehicle ran off the road in Vranje, one person died

Macedonian national died in a heavy car accident that happened on the “Partizanski pat” street in Vranje. According to unofficial information from the Serbian media, the car with Macedonian registration plates ran off the road and hit the embankment. The police say that the circumstances...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 20:55

Experienced nurses fired from Kumanovo hospital to be replaced by DUI staff

Four experienced nurses fired from work just because they are Macedonians, warns Brane Petrusevski from VMRO-DPMNE, calling this scandal DUization of Kumanovo. In the Health Center in Kumanovo, an ad was published for the employment of 10 nurses for an indefinite period. The local SDS and DUI have agreed...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 20:17

Varhelyi: Commitment to normalization of Belgrade–Prishtina relations brave step toward EU

The full commitment to normalization of relations between Belgrade and Prishtina shows courage and determination towards their EU path, European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi said in a tweet welcoming the deal reached between Serbia and Kosovo to implement an agreement...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 19:36

Escobar thanked Vucic and Kurti for their hospitality

Without the help of our friends and our allies, this would have never happened. This is another example of how Macedonia is a reliable partner that is helping the United States and the European Union achieve regional stability, US Deputy Assistant Secretary and Special Envoy to the Western Balkans Gabriel...

Balkans 19.03.23 | 18:25

Unprecedented pressure on the Serbian president in Ohrid: All evening they told me, “come on Vucic, sign”

It is important for us to no longer depend on the will of Pristina. I will soon visit Kosovo and Metohija. They told me all evening, come on, Vucic, sign, the Serbian president said about the marathon meeting in Ohrid. I have unbearable pain in my right hand and I only sign with my right hand, it will...

Balkans 19.03.23 | 12:18

Rama on Kurti-Vucic meeting in Ohrid: Let’s hope that the agreement is not another Balkan trickery

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama expressed the hope that it will not be “another Balkan trickery” in connection with the harmonization of the Annex agreement for the normalization of mutual relations between Serbia and Kosovo in Ohrid, with the mediation of the EU.

Other sports 19.03.23 | 11:23

Djokovic ruled out of Miami Open after appeals to US government fail

Novak Djokovic has been ruled out of the Miami Open after tournament organisers “exhausted all the options” in an effort to secure him a travel exemption. The 22-time grand slam winner withdrew from the Indian Wells Open as he is unable to play in the United States. He is not vaccinated...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 10:56

VMRO-DPMNE: Kovacevski is a voiceless letter who only keeps the chair for the DUI staff until they remove him from office

Playstation politician Kovacevski is once included, once excluded from office. Minister Osmani’s statement showed that Kovacevski is only a custodian of the prime minister’s chair for the staff of DUI. As a temporary acting official, Kovacevski will just wait until the bosses tell him that...

Macedonia 19.03.23 | 10:32

From underwear company “Elektra Solution” has become the main pillar of the government for taking people’s money, VMRO-DPMNE accuses

The silence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the scandal surrounding the oversight of corridors 8 and 10D indicates that it is an accomplice of the authorities in criminal deals. The public is witnessing how the criminal dealings of the Kovacevski Government go unpunished by the judicial authorities,...

Macedonia Balkans 19.03.23 | 10:21

Vucic-Kurti meeting in Ohrid ended without full agreement, but there is hope

The almost 12-hour meeting in Ohrid between Vucic and Kurti ended late last night. Vucic and Kurti discussed the European proposal – an agreement consisting of 11 points. We expect details of yesterday’s marathon talks in Ohrid to be announced at any moment. After the meeting, visibly tired,...