Sunday, 4 June 2023
Macedonia 04.06.23 | 23:31

Joint service by the heads of the Macedonian and the Serbian Orthodox churches

The heads of the Macedonian and the Serbian orthodox churches, Archbishop Stefan and Patriarch Porfirij, will hold a joint service in the church of St. Sofia in Ohrid tomorrow, to mark the anniversary of the recognition of the Macedonian church by Serbia. This move began to put an end to the decades...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 20:20

Supreme Court expected to decide in a case central to the campaign of political persecution

Within days the Supreme Court is supposed to reach a verdict on whether the pardons given by President Gjorge Ivanov to five dozen high profile defendants in 2015 are still applicable. Defendants in one of the dozens of politically motivated trials are pushing the case before the Supreme Court. President...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 19:13

Pendarovski rejects claims that he approved the Bechtel laws only to get support from DUI for a second term

In an interview with Radio Free Europe, President Stevo Pendarovski dismissed claims that he approved the set of laws linked to the Bechtel highway contract in order to secure the support of the SDSM and DUI parties for a second term. The laws are unpopular as they undermine worker protection laws on...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 19:06

Poll: Majority of citizens believe that Macedonia is going backwards in its implementation of EU reforms

Poll conducted by the IPIS institute for Sitel TV’s Detektor show found that most of the citizens believe that the country is backtracking in terms of reforms necessary to join the EU. 42.6 percent of the citizens think that in the past several years Macedonia has gone backwards in the reforms....

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 18:06

Political prisoner Jane Cento allowed to spend a weekend with his family for first time in six years

Jane Cento, one of the most high profile political prisoners in Macedonia, was released to spend a weekend with his family and his son – for the first time after six years in prison. Cento is sentenced for terrorism over the April 27th incident in the Parliament. He was singled out among the hundreds...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 14:34

Osmani presents plan to calm down the north of Kosovo

As chairman of OSCE, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani presented a nine point plan for de-escalation of the tense situation in the north of Kosovo, where the Albanian dominated Government moved to take over several town halls in majority Serb areas. Osmani calls on the two sides to remain committed to the...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 13:32

Macedonian language studies will open in Wroclaw

As part of the attempts to shore up the Macedonian national identity, the UKIM university will help open a graduate degree in Macedonian language at the University of Wroclaw, Poland. Professor Vesna Mojsova – Cepisevska, who attended a conference in Katowice, said that the ties with the university...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 12:24

Orthodox Christians mark Pentecost

Orthodox Christians in Macedonia mark Pentecost today. The holiday is one of the main events in the religious calendar, as it marks the descent of the Holy Ghost on the Apostles 50 days after the Ressurrection. The holiday is known as Duhovden – day of the Ghost – or Pedesetica in Macedonian....

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 11:23

Landslide blocks road between Ohrid and St. Naum

Traffic on the road between Ohrid and the monastery of Sveti Naum is interrupted after a landslide. The damage was caused by strong rains in the region, that hit the village of Ljubanista. As of this morning, the road was only partially usable.

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 10:41

Pendarovski attended President Erdogan’s inauguration

President Stevo Pendarovski joined a long list of world and regional leaders who attended the inauguration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pendarovski congratulated to Erdogan on his re-election and wished him success in carrying out his duties in the future, while advancing relations between...

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 09:24

Torrential rain causes flooding in Prilep

The city of Prilep was hit hard by rain yesterday evening. Houses and shops were flooded as much of the city saw torrents flowing down the streets. At least one fire was reported during the storm. One old house is likely to be demolished after the damage that it endured.

Macedonia 04.06.23 | 08:57

Major storm and a drop in temperatures are expected

Weather forecasters are warning about a major storm and very unstable weather, with a significant drop in temperatures. Flash floods are possible, says meterologist Slavco Poposk, who believes that the drop in temperatures can be expected after June 10th. The early stage of the storm can be expected...