Saturday, 30 September 2023
World 30.09.23 | 13:51

Iphone’s customers complain

Apple faces consumer complaints of overheating in the new iPhone 15 models, particularly the Pro and Pro Max versions. Customers report the phones becoming too hot to handle. This issue may stem from design compromises, such as using a titanium frame, which is a poor heat conductor, impacting heat dissipation....

Macedonia 30.09.23 | 13:38

It is enough of secret negotiations

The political landscape in Macedonia has become increasingly tense, with significant challenges on the horizon. Many are looking towards the upcoming elections as a potential turning point in addressing these issues. One of the most pressing concerns is the state of the rule of law. A notable shift from...

Music 30.09.23 | 10:29

Dac and Aleksandar organized a delightful evening for their Skopje audience, filled with love and passion

For four years now, the actor Dragan Spasov-Dac and the singer Aleksandar Mitevski have formed a musical duo. To celebrate this milestone, they treated their loyal audience to a special birthday concert tonight. The event took place in the enchanting rooftop garden of the City Shopping Center.Visitors...

Macedonia 30.09.23 | 10:19

Grubi entered into a business partnership with a Bulgarian individual with ties to organized crime, who is currently in custody

VMRO-DPMNE questions whether Artan Grubi facilitated a partnership between Macedonia and a Bulgarian individual involved in criminal proceedings and currently in custody. Additionally, Grubi’s signature authorized the creation of three new gambling companies.

Macedonia 30.09.23 | 10:14

The ministry has eased restrictions on movement in forest areas

At the behest of the National Forests public enterprise, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Economy has revoked the partial restriction on forest area access this past Friday. This decision comes as a response to the decreased wildfire risk. The initial imposition of the partial movement...