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Happy New Year 2019!

Може оваа нова година да биде весела возење за вас и вашето семејство. Република ви посакува најдобрата година напред. Среќна Нова Година 2019!

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This is why poinsettias are the official Christmas flower

There’s no denying that poinsettias make bright, festive decorations during winter months. But they’re native to Central America, particularly southern Mexico, and they’re actually colorful leaves, not flowers. So why do we consider them the official Christmas flowers anyway? The reason we associate...

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New Year’s Eve: Samoa and Kiribati first countries to celebrate 2019

Samoa has become the first country to ring in 2019 with a traditional South Pacific knees-up. The island nation is in the midst of a huge bash with traditional dancers and jugglers throwing flames high into the air. Thanks to Samoa and Kiribati’s positions – just to the west of an irregularly...

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Overcast weather with temperatures up to 8C

 Weather in Macedonia will be overcast accompanied by moderate north winds. Temperatures will range between 2C and 8C.

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Skopje Zoo to get a Dino Park

Currently, the Skopje Zoo is working on a Dino Park project. It is an adventure attraction within the ZOO with 50 natural-sized dinosaurs that emit roars and move. We are negotiating over the construction of the park, as well as potential sponsors that will support the project, including the City of...

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Huge costs of warming impacts in 2018

Extreme weather events linked to climate change cost thousands of lives and caused huge damage throughout the world in 2018, the UK relief and development agency Christian Aid says. The charity’s report identified ten events that cost more than $1bn each, with four costing more than $7bn each, the...

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Blind teen journalist asks Putin for permission to touch him

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a special interview this week, a one-on-one with a 17-year-old girl who has a health condition. She made up for her lack of journalism experience with incredible willpower and fighting spirit, RT reported. Putin met Regina Parpieva shortly after wrapping up his big...

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Sunny weather with temperatures up to 12C

Weather in Macedonia will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by low northwest winds. Temperatures will range between 4C and 12C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 6C.

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American adventurer becomes first person to cross Antarctica alone

American adventurer Colin O’Brady finished his crossing of Antarctica on Wednesday, becoming the first person to accomplish the feat alone and unaided. O’Brady reached his destination, the Ross Ice Shelf, 32 hours after leaving his camp on Christmas Day. He did not sleep while covering the...

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Australia heatwave to break Christmas weather records with temperatures up to 47C forecast

A heatwave will hit most of Australia this week that will push Christmas temperatures in some areas to as much as 12C above the December average before breaking monthly records later in the week. Victorian authorities have issued health alerts for parts of the state and fire warnings are in place for...

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Sunny and slightly overcast weather

Weather in Macedonia will be sunny and slightly overcast, accompanied by low to moderate northwest winds. Temperatures will range between 1C and 10C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 6C.

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Queen Elizabeth calls for peace and goodwill in Christmas Day message

Queen Elizabeth II said the message of “peace on earth and goodwill to all” was “needed as much as ever” in her annual Christmas Day broadcast, Euronews reported. The UK’s 92-year-old monarch highlighted the importance of people who held opposing views being respectful...

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Man finds, returns Chanel purse filled with $10,000

A subway rider found a Chanel purse filled with $10,000 on a platform Thursday at the Lincoln Center and turned it over to police, who were able to find the bag’s rightful owner. “I picked it up to see if there was an identification so I could get it to the right person,” Richard Taverna,...

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‘Kremlin’s secret weapon’ featured in Russian army’s 2019 calendar

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the Russian Defense Ministry showed its softer side by releasing a humorous 2019 calendar filled with lighthearted puns and double entendres, RT reported. The Russian military is known for making jokes on occasion and inventing some truly colorful names for...

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Overcast and cold weather

Weather in Macedonia will be overcast and cold, accompanied by moderate northwest winds. Temperatures will range between -2C and 7C. Similar weather in Skopje with temperatures up to 4C.

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Macedonian living in New Jersey paints his house in the colors of the Macedonian flag

There are many Macedonians around the world who show their love for their homeland Macedonia in different ways. It seems the most inventive is this Macedonian who lives in the United States and went so far as to paint the entire facade of his house in the colors of the Macedonian flag. This creative...

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Where do toys in EU come from?

The European Union (EU) is a net importer of toys from the rest of the world. EU exports to non-EU countries are five times lower than imports from non-EU countries, according to Eurostat. In 2017, the EU imported toys worth almost €7.4 billion and exported only about €1.4 billion to non-EU countries....

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Austria celebrates 200 years of beloved carol ‘Silent Night’

Oberndorf Bei Salzburg, Austria: Austria has something special to celebrate this festive period as it marks 200 years since the first performance of one of the world’s most beloved Christmas carols, “Silent Night”. Celebrations of the anniversary will culminate with a special December 24 performance...

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Meteorite might be behind hill collapse in Russia’s Khabarovsk

Alexei Maslov, the head of the Verkhnebureinsky District in Russia’s Khabarovsk Territory, told Sputnik on Monday that he did not rule out the explosion of a meteorite was the cause of a small hill, a sopka, collapsing into the local Bureya River. According to the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s...

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Catholics, part of Orthodox faithful celebrate Christmas

Catholics and a part of the Orthodox faithful celebrate Christmas – the Birth of Jesus Christ – on Tuesday. Traditionally, a holy mass was held Monday evening in Catholic Cathedral “Most Holy Heart of Jesus” in Skopje.