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Macedonia 14:10

Johannes Hahn expresses condolences for bus crash victims

European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Johannes Hahn expressed his condolences for the tragic Skopje-Tetovo bus crash victims. “Deeply saddened by last night’s tragic accident in North Macedonia’s Skopje -Tetovo highway. Our thoughts are with the families...

Macedonia 14:03

Ivanov: People do not die when they are buried, but when they are forgotten

“When someone dies, we know that this is not transient in life. When such events happen, they are painful, because the people we were expecting to come, never came. It is said that people do not die when they are buried, but when they are forgotten. We should not forget these people, let’s...

Macedonia 13:39

Filpce: Death toll at 14, not 15, seven in critical condition

It is not true that another person succumbed to injuries in the aftermath of Wednesday’s bus accident, and that the death toll has risen to 15, said Health Minister Venko Filipce, after a visit with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, to the injured persons who were...

Economy 13:11

Zegin donates 20,000 euros to families of bus victims and offers medication assistance

The Zegin company, after Wednesday’s tragic bus accident that happened on the Skopje highway, will provide one-time assistance in the amount of 20,000 euros for the families of the victims. In these difficult moments of the injured as well as their families and the families of the victims, Zegin...

Macedonia 12:51

Bus driver released from hospital, was conscious all the time

The driver of the Durmo Tours bus suffered minor injuries, and as the Minister of Health, Venko Filipce, informed, he was released from hospital. Prime Minister Zaev while visiting the injured treated at the “September 8th” hospitals said that the investigation is still ongoing, and yesterday...

Balkans 12:42

Greek Foreign Ministry expresses condolences over tragic road accident

Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses deep regret as well as sympathies and solidarity with the people and government of North Macedonia over the tragic road accident on Skopje – Tetovo highway, MIA’s Athens correspondent reports. “Deeply saddened by tragic road accident on the Skopje-Tetovo...

Balkans 11:54

Kosovo government begins session with minute of silence for bus accident victims

The Kosovo government began Thursday’s session with a minute of silence for the victims of Wednesday’s bus accident at Skopje-Tetovo motorway, MIA reports from Pristina. The news, along with a picture from the beginning of the session, was posted by Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj...

World 11:34

Sex and blood in Australia’s Parliament

Australian police are investigating a brawl between a senator and a top aide that left blood on the walls of the Australian parliament. Police and parliamentary authorities are looking into a Tuesday (Feb 14) night altercation between 70-year-old Senator Brian Burston and a staffer for populist Senator...

Macedonia 11:31

Flags in front of Government building flown half-mast to mourn victims in fatal bus crash

Flags in front of the Government building are flown half-mast to mourn the victims in Wednesday’s bus accident at Skopje-Tetovo highway in which 15 people were killed. Two days of mourning were declared in Macedonia, and three in Gostivar, where most of the victims come from.

Macedonia 11:14

Another person succumbs to injuries – death toll reaches 15 in fatal bus crash

Another person has died in the aftermath of one of the most fatal bus accidents in the history of Macedonia, increasing the death toll to 15. The tragedy happened when a Durmo company bus, taking 50 passengers from Skopje to Gostivar, slid off the highway near the Karpalak half-way point, turned upside...

Macedonia 11:05

Seven in critical condition after fatal bus accident

Six people, four at the “September 8th” hospital and three at the Clinic for Traumatology, Orthopaedic Diseases, Anaesthesia, Reanimation, Intensive Care and Emergency Centre (TOARICEC), are in critical condition after Wednesday’s bus accident at the Skopje-Tetovo motorway, hospital...

Macedonia 10:40

First passenger’s statement: The bus was full, we were all returning from work

Аfter a large-scale rescue operation, following the tragic bus crash on Skopje-Tetovo highway, all passengers were removed from the bus and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, 14 people were killed in the crash. TV Klan, late on Wednesday, managed to enter one of the Clinics where injured passengers...

Macedonia 09:35

Rama: We are spiritually alongside the families of bus victims

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has extended his condolences to the families of the victims from the fatal bus crash and wished the injured a speedy recovery. “I am saddened by the tragic bus accident in the neighboring country of North Macedonia, where the number of victims and injured shocked...

Macedonia 09:12

Dutch Ambassador Plomp extends condolences to families of bus victims

The Dutch Ambassador to Macedonia, Wouter Plomp has extended his condolences to the families of the victims from the fatal bus accident at Skopje-Tetovo motorway and wished a full recovery to all the injured.

Macedonia 23:59

Zaev: Bus crash death toll goes up to 14, six are listed as critical

Another person has died in the aftermath of the disastrous bus crash which happened this afternoon on the Skopje – Tetovo highway, increasing the death toll to 14. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev informed that additional six of the passengers are in critical condition. The tragedy happened when a Durmo...

Macedonia 23:48

Two days of national mourning declared

The tragedy on Wednesday afternoon, when a bus with 50 passengers slid off the Skopje – Tetovo highway, killing 13 on board, caused an outpouring of grief across Macedonia. President Gjorge Ivanov expressed his deepest condolences to the families of those killed and wished that the injured recover...

Macedonia 23:39

Transportation Minister Sugareski says company involved in tragic bus crash had a valid license

Following the bus accident which killed at least 13 passengers, Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski said that the Durmo company had a license to operate and its buses were deemed safe following the mandatory checks. This is not the obligation of the Transportation Ministry, the buses go through the...

Macedonia 23:33

Member of Parliament Blagojce Trpevski lost his son in the tragic bus crash which killed 13 people

Jovica Trpevski, son of member of Parliament Blagojce Trpevski, is one of the 13 people who were killed in the tragic bus accident which happened on the Skopje – Tetovo highway this afternoon. Trpevski was elected from Gostivar, on the SDSM party ticket. So far, only the names of those injured,...

World 22:05

After 15 years, NASA ends Opportunity Mars rover mission

NASA on Wednesday declared that its Opportunity rover, one of its missions to explore Mars, is officially over. NASA hasn’t been able to contact Opportunity since June of last year and declared the mission dead after making a final attempt on Tuesday, the space agency said in a statement The mission...

Macedonia 21:59

Sekerinska attends her first NATO ministerial, refers to Macedonia as “North Macedonia”

Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska today attended a NATO ministerial meeting, in the capacity of a silent invitee, after NATO prepared an accession protocol for Macedonia, which has so far been ratified by Greece and Slovenia. Sekerinska quoted Churchill to say that this is “the end of the beginning”...