Today’s number of new Covid-19 cases registered in the country is again three-digit. According to unofficial information, about 165 new cases have been registered, of which almost 100 are from Skopje.

193 new cases and nine deaths were recorded yesterday. Hospital facilities are overcrowded and medical staff is exhausted. The makeshift hospital where three patients have already been admitted has been activated, and the three largest private clinics in the country – “Sistina”, “Remedika” and “Zan Mitrev” joined in fight of treating Covid-19 patients.

It is expected that in the next seven days the number of hospitalized patients will be higher than the number of discharged patients, after which the number of admitted patients is expected to decrease.

For the past ten days or two weeks, the country registers more than 100 new cases every day. Despite this, the leader of SDSM and the Minister of Health, Zaev and Filipce, persistently assure that the situation is under control, and Macedonia has the darkest statistics in regard to the coronavirus pandemic compared to other countries in the region.