The treatment of COVID-19 patients with blood plasma is to begin on Tuesday in Macedonia. Moreover, Skopje-based City General Hospital ‘8 September’ will start using ozone therapy to treat patients affected by COVID-19, Health Minister Venko Filipce announced Monday.

Blood plasma will be taken from a patient who is in phase when has antibodies that can be given to a COVID-19 patient, while ozone therapy will be used through a device in Skopje-based City General Hospital ‘8 September,’ he said.

Filipce told Sitel TV’s morning show that the exact therapy for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 worldwide will be defined and that we as a country are part of the study with several countries in the world in which one of the four methods in treatment of this disease will be defined with adequate therapy and approach.

Filipce reiterated that there is still no decision on extension of curfew during Labour Day weekend, noting that it will depend on the behavior of the people, who must respect the measures for wearing protective equipment or masks and the number of new patients in the coming days.