Skopje’s Public Health Center and the Institute for Public Health are planing to carry out screening tests on coronavirus vulnerable categories of workers, such as healthcare professionals, kindergarten and nursing home staffers, Army members, police officers, bus and taxi drivers, etc, the Health Ministry said in a press release Tuesday.

Anti-body screening tests results will help authorities make more-informed decisions regarding relaxing restrictive measures.

An algorithm is being developed to determine a target amount of daily tests. The screening will be done by age groups and chronic conditions. Tests will be scheduled by family doctors, swabs will be taken at the usual places and transported to predetermined labs, the Ministry said.

The Health Ministry aimed since the onset of the epidemic to only test patients who showed coronavirus symptoms.

This strategy has shown good results without over-burdening the healthcare system. The fact that the number of tests has decreased in the last few days proves that the number of active cases is declining, the press release read.