The basic reproduction number for COVID-19 in Macedonia, i.e. the expected number of cases directly generated by one case, has declined and now stands at 0.9, the Health Ministry said in a press release Wednesday.

“According to the Public Health Institute’s weekly report for the period July 27 – August 2, the number of new coronavirus cases and casualties in Macedonia has decreased, while the number of recovered patients rose compared to the previous week,” the press release read.

In the past week, a total of 9,709 tests were carried out (146 more than in the period July 20-26) and 912 people tested positive for COVID-19, which is 4.6 cases less than the previous week.

Of the tested 9.4% of patients were positive for coronavirus, compared the previous week’s 10%.

“New coronavirus cases have been registered in 28 cities throughout the country, the majority of which (27.9%) in Skopje, followed by Stip (12.2%) and Gostivar (11.2%). In 19 cities, under 20 new cases were registered in the past week,” the Health Ministry said.

Of the new COVID-19 patients, the majority (22.9%) are aged over 60, followed by those aged 30-39 (19.4%). The least number of new cases were registered in children under 9 (3.1%) and those aged 10-19 (5.0%).

136, i.e. 15.7% of new patients were admitted for hospital treatment, while comorbidities have been registered in 277, i.e. 32.2% of new patients.

38.1% of new patients were in contact with a person infected with COVID-19, while 21 (same as the previous week) had travelled abroad in the past 14 days.

In the period July 27 – August 2, 1,032 persons have recovered who were hospitalized or treated at home, which is 378 persons or 36.6% more than the previous July 20-26 week.

“In the past week, 29 coronavirus patients passed away, which is 14.7% less than the previous week. Most of the deceased were aged over 60 (75.9%). Comorbidities were registered in 23 (79.3%) of the casualties,” the press release read.