Health Minister Venko Filipce said Monday that he does not expect increased influx of COVID-19 patients in the future that will be admitted to the hospitals.

The trends in new cases are approximately the same and the percentage of hospitalized patients from the total number of newly diagnosed is the same. The capacity of hospitals is well managed both in terms of staff rotation system and in terms of availability of hospital beds, Filipce said during his visit to Health Centre in Sveti Nikole.

The epidemiologists continue with the same intensive field activities. Intensive testing according to the indication, active monitoring of the contacts and their isolation continues, Filipce said.

He said that Commission for Infectious Diseases at today’s meeting analyzed the data from the previous two weeks, and as he said, last week there was a slight increase in number of newly diagnosed COVID-19 cases, but not higher than the previous three weeks.

In City General Hospital “September 8”, there are less than 100 patients who are treated for several days in a row, 80 tested positive, for others the test results are pending in the coming days. There are available hospital beds at both the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and other infectious disease wards in general hospitals across the country, Filipce added.