The Public Health Institute said Saturday that 71.8 percent of the 1,117 COVID-19 patients in the country are located in three cities – Skopje (388), Kumanovo (311) and Prilep (103).

COVID-19 cases have been registered in 21 cities across the country.

The patients’ age ranges between 0-91 years, most of whom between the ages of 50-59 (20.9%).

The Institute says 194 cases have been registered among health workers.

Of the 49 deaths, 34 were over the age of 60, while 73.5 percent of the deceased had other underlying illnesses.

There have been 10,859 tests made across the country, namely 5,247 tests per million citizens.

The World Health Organization assesses the risk of further spread of COVID-19 in Macedonia as very high.