Dejan Trajkovski, a professor at the Technical University in Bitola, warns that it is simply unbelievable how everyone treats the upcoming wave unworried, both the population and the health authorities.

In his latest analysis of the coronavirus situation in Macedonia, he says that the health authorities wisely remained silent over the entry of the Delta variant in the country, due to, as he assessed, indifference and failure to take measures at the borders, as if it were not their business at all.

They will remain silent still, they will only see if there are enough free hospital beds, we already know that nothing else matters to them. The contours of the solution to the corona crisis in Macedonia can already be seen. Another uncontrolled autumn wave will be allowed, the last attack of the epidemic that will affect those who have not had coronavirus and have not had the vaccine (their number is not small) those unlucky will die (ie those who do not believe in vaccines ), so by New Year’s Eve we should already be sailing in calmer waters. With 80% -85% recovered and vaccinated, even if a new, even more contagious variants than the Delta variant arrives, there will be very narrow room for spreading, the professor analyzes.